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Katherine Anne is a dynamic and competent writer, she writes on different subjects such as gardening, homesteading and Livestock. She is also a New England Garden Designer who has written several books and documents on gardening. Her other interests are wildlife, poultry, nature and farming.

10 DIY Chicken Feeder And Waterer Plans And Ideas

For making your own chicken coop, you are definitely going to need some diy feeder and waterer plans. I am not compelling you to spend lots of money on buying feeders or waterers all the time; rather, you can make the most of homemade chicken feeder and waterer. Simply take out some time, play with the stuff that is lying …

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How to get rid of Bad Smell in Chicken Coop-litter management in summer

I was loved by nature and beautiful creation of God. My interest drove me to tame various animals including cats, rabbits, horse, dogs and alligators as well. I used to treat all of them as my own babies, trust me; I was their mother because most of my time and attention was devoted to my small farm. One fine day …

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10 Free Chicken Coop Plans For Backyard Chickens

chicken coop plans

Building your own chicken coop is always cost effective and interesting project to do especially if you have free chicken coop plans for it. To get start building your own backyard chicken coop for cute fellows, take help from these free chicken coop plans that ranges from small, large, mobile, simple and creative ones. This article focuses on some diy chicken …

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6 considerations for building chicken coop nesting boxes

One of the nature’s most prime and useful product can be availed from the use of the nesting boxes. When it comes to the process of raising backyard chicken, numerous dimensions and factors might demand your utmost attention. The eggs that are bought from the stores are quite different from the ones you obtain from the home based settings. The …

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