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Market Reports And Analysis

A Guide to World Poultry chicken/meat(market/ecnomic analysis,trends,statistics 2012),upcoming trends in world poultry

Upcoming Trends in World Poultry In the year 2012, the projected expansion of the worldwide meat production is 2 percent, thus taking the total figure to 302 million metric tons. Most of the production is going to come from Asia, especially from Russia, China, India, Turkey and Japan according to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations. According …

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A Guide To World Poultry egg/layer 2012(market/economic analysis,trends.,table,graph)

Upcoming Trends in World Poultry: Eggs and Layers 2012 Global egg production has expanded rapidly in the past few years. In comparison the 1970, the output has been estimated to have tripled. In the year 1970, the output was nearly 20 million tons, but for the year 2007, it rose to 60 million tons for the whole world. A number …

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