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Poultry Products

Poultry feathers-how many ways they can be used for?

When we hear the word poultry, the very first thing which flashes in front of our eyes is the chicken. And the next thing we understand we hear the word poultry is the farming of eggs and chickens on large scale. People are engaged in the poultry business for the purpose of producing eggs and chicken on mass level but …

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Famous Turkey Meat delights – mouth watering dishes

  The bird Turkey, for many is only known as the festival bird. I would like to share a very interesting fact over here – National Turkey Federation (NTF) has mentioned in their publishing that 95% only prefer turkey meal on Thanksgiving occasion. It is also estimated that during this particular time, 46 million festival birds are consumed. This in …

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7 Benefits of Free Range or Organic Chicken Products

Farming has a plethora of benefits for not only the owner of the farm, but also for the people who are linked to the process. The same is equally true for the chicken farming which has a wide variety of benefits for everyone. The term free range chicken has been confused till now. In reality, free range chickens are those …

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Poultry by Product meal-Food for Pets

Poultry/Chicken by product meal is a highly protein component which is manly used in pets food.it has many components in it such as bones,undeveloped eggs and other poultry wastage. Poultry meal and poultry by product meal is mainly used in preparation of dog food in many western countries. Technique for Preparation of Hatchery Byproduct Meal The main aim during processing …

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Processed Products Made From Chicken Meat

Processed chicken is basically chicken meat that has either been mechanically recuperated from a chicken cadaver or is made of a mix of chicken meat and skin. Numerous distinctive sorts of preparing could be finished on different meat products. Any meat that undergoes a technique for example drying, curing, maturing or precooking could be said as transformed meat. The most …

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