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Pakistan Poultry Industry Facing the Unstable Market Situation

Poultry market in Pakistan is now on the brink of chaos, all because of the lack of policies and proper research. Poultry marketing is highly unstable and unreliable, due to which we come to see extreme fluctuations in the prices every now and then. The reason for these fluctuations is the absence of professional controlling bodies which might come to …

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Current Economic/Market Analysis Of Pakistan Poultry Industry

Overview of Pakistan Poultry Poultry is an integral component of Pakistan’s economy. The Poultry contribution of GDP in Pakistan is nearly 1.1 % and is nearly 4.8 % in terms of the agricultural GDP. Furthermore, the sector also comes to employ nearly 1.5 million people. The poultry meat is still one of the cheapest means for the people to get …

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Pre-Feasibility Study Environmentally Controlled Poultry Farm (30,000 Birds) in Pakistan

The poultry farm is one of the most crucial components of the livestock sector. On a daily basis, millions of day old chicks are feed on high diet proteins all over the country. Furthermore, there are a number of reasons for which the white meat is now being preferred over the red meat. In addition to being comparatively cheaper to …

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