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10 Free Chicken Coop Plans-Build Your Own Chicken Coop

Building your own chicken coop is always cost effective and interesting project to do especially if you have free chicken coop plans for it. To get start building your own backyard chicken coop for cute fellows, take help from these free chicken coop plans that ranges from small, large, mobile, simple and creative ones.

This article focuses on some homemade chicken coop and designs that can make your chickens feel comfortable and secure; so let us have a deep insight on the details of the different designs and the best possible design one can have for better nurturing of chicken. So here we go with the following designs.

1- Palace Chicken Coop

Building your own chicken coop with this free chicken coop plan by steamykitchen that has complete instructions and pictorial guide of every step. This coop can accommodate 5 to 7 hens with 10 sq ft of run space per bird. It has sloping nest box and roof for water drainage. You can also download a google sketch up files for chicken coop blueprint. It is one of our most favorite chicken coop design.

Free Chicken Coop Plans
Free Chicken Coop Plans, Image via: Steamykitchen

2– Igloo Portable Mini Coop

This configuration is for one or two hens at once. The most charming characteristic is the tray that could be hauled out. This haul out tray assists keeping up legitimate immaculateness of the coop to guarantee the sickness insurance. This mini chicken coop by motherearthnews is portable and contains a number of features worth it.

  • A mesh wire around it protecting the chicken
  • It is a low cost design
  • It is secure as well as convenient to plan
igloo partable chicken coop
igloo partable chicken coop, Image via: Motherearthnews

3-Window And Door Fowl Pen

Here we have chicken coop by buildeazy having a mesh wired window and an entryway empowers legitimate light procurement and different benefits. This consolidation of air and protection is one of the major aspects of this configuration. A different characteristic is the one section and one passageway territory thus making the coop maintained, cleaner and protected. You may also like to check out our other article: A frame chicken coop plans.

window and door fowl pen
window and door fowl pen, Image via: Buildeazy

4-Portable Urban Coop Design

Here we’ve another yet innovative chicken coop blueprint and plan by braingarage for an urban community is the portable urban coop design. The prominent features of this design are:

  • In an urban setting where people might get offended with keeping chicken in backyard, this design is the best option as the neighbors would not get to know about the chicken mess.
  • It is portable and can be taken anywhere.
  • It is light weight and can be easily transported with a colorful play house design.
urban chicken coop
urban chicken coop, we love this design, Image via: Braingarage

5-Chicken Coop For 6 Hens

Are you looking for a chicken coop with large run area like this one by steamykitchen then this one is better plan for you. This coop has good ventilation, removable roost for easy cleaning, electricity for heating the water and lighting for night. You can also find nesting box plan to get 6 hens to lay eggs in their boxes. We love this chicken coop design.

Chicken Coop For 6 Hens
Chicken Coop For 6 Hens, Image via: Steamykitchen

6-PVC Chicken Coop Plan

PVC coop plan by pvcplans require two important materials for the layout. The first one is the PVC pipes and the second one is the wheels for easy transportation. The distinctive features are:

  • The design is easy to build and anyone can build it by himself.
  • The design is portable and the wheels help the convenient portability.
  • The usage of mesh wire for covering the PVC pipes infrastructure makes the structure light weight and presentable.
  • This is one of the free chicken house plans as it requires the materials that are mostly present in everyone’s house.

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pvc chicken coop
pvc chicken coop, Image via: Pvcplans

7-Hen Hutch Design-Spacious Yet Compact

Greatest space yet simple chicken coop plans by poultry.purinamills have an in additional aspect that despite of devouring less space, they furnish an extensive zone for the chicken. Because of its edges, geometry and other such features, the coops are extensive as contrasted with different plans with the same area space.

These designs have corrosion reluctant features that help in the protection of the chicken.This is a small chicken coop plan that can accommodate 4 chickens.Here you can find material list, detailed instructions, chicken coop blueprints and chicken coop plans in pdf file to download.

hutch design
chicken coop plan,, Image via: Purinamills

8-Chicken Barn Plan

Barn chicken designs like this one by poultryhelp are usually used on a large scale for chicken rearing and shelter. This includes large wooden design with following distinct features:

  • Innovative as well as artistic designs
  • They are wind regulated designs with maintenance of optimum temperature.
  • They might also include solar panels in order to make electricity and operate the coops via electricity obtained through solar panels.
  • These designs help save power and money as it has wind regulators and solar installments.
barn pen
bran chicken coop plans, Image via: Poultryhelp

9-Double Story Coop Design

One of the imaginative outlines is likewise the free backyard chicken coop plan by citygirlchickens with a double story. The upper story is wooden which assists chicken regarding inhaling issues and the chicken may go and have some rest in the portion. The bottom area however is made of cross section (mesh) wire which empowers the hens watch around and feeling the region roomy. This empowers the chicken to furnish them with the alternative of suiting themselves and acting as per their will. The distinct features are:

  • Two compartments; one for rest and other for roaming about.
  • It is wooden as well as mesh wired according to the requirements.
  • The double story provides space even when maintaining the compact feature.
double story chicken coop
double story chicken coop, Image via: City Girl Chickens

10-Scrap Lumber Chicken Coop

Here we have small 4*8 chicken coop made from scrap lumber by freechickencoopplans. This coop is designed keeping all necessary requirements such as ventilation, feeding, chicken nest box, roost and chicken waterer.

scrap lumber
scrap lum, Image via: Freechickencoopplans

11-Portable Chicken Ark Design

An ark shaped tent like coop design by organicgardening is yet another smart idea for keeping even a dozen hens in one place. The distinctive features of this design are:

  • These designs are spacious.
  • They provide mobility to the chicken.
  • The ark used in the designed can be used at night to cover the coop in order to protect the chicken from predators.
  • It also includes two ark handles that provide easy portability to any area at any time.

You may also like to check out chicken coops made from recycled materials

portable ark chicken coop

12-Pyramid Like Chicken House Plan

This diy coop design by au.lifestyle.yahoo provides a fresh and natural ambiance to the chicken where they can roam about and eat natural pests and worms taken from the environment. The key features are

  • This A-line pyramid coop is portable
  • It provides a rather fresh and natural environment.
  • It enables the chicken to develop properly due to the healthy ambiance.

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pyramid chicken coop


Being finished with all the conceivable imaginative easy chicken coop plans, we direct the backyard chicken raiser to get fitting point by point informative content before planning and designing the chicken coop. The range you exist in, the temperature reach, the house space and the value reach are the figuring out components for the determination of how to build a chicken coop. In a nutshell, using few basic instructions regarding designing and a search on the best designing materials would therefore help in building the best  coop for your chicken.

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