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Nutrition Guide of Broiler for High Quality Meat

Introduction Poultry producers all around the world are now focusing on the production of some high quality meat. The prime reason for this can be linked to the increase in the consumer concerns about the quality of poultry they consume. Due to the rapid growth of the HACCP, it is now vital for them to standardize all the phases of …

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White Meat VS Red Meat-Choice For Healthy Meat

The importance of meat for health has been established and supported for a number of reasons. Meat comes to offer various healthy nutrients to us including proteins, zinc, vitamins and much more. According to the studies conducted by American Meat Institute meat whether red or white has an important role to play in developing our muscle strength, skin, formation of …

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Processed Products Made From Chicken Meat

Processed chicken is basically chicken meat that has either been mechanically recuperated from a chicken cadaver or is made of a mix of chicken meat and skin. Numerous distinctive sorts of preparing could be finished on different meat products. Any meat that undergoes a technique for example drying, curing, maturing or precooking could be said as transformed meat. The most …

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Whether to remove the chicken skin before cooking or not, the two myths – revealed

Have you heard your mom asking your dad, honey get the chicken with skin. Or, many times mom’s say that I want chicken without the skin. Does that make sense to you? Many times I got puzzled by this mystery of removing and not removing the chicken’s skin. If you think logically, the skin of the chicken is part of …

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An insight of mechanically deboned chicken

Everyone who is directly or indirectly linked to the food business would have listened the term “mechanically deboned chicken” or “mechanically recovered/reclaimed meat”. It is rather a common term in cuisine. With the modernization and adaptation of new means and ways to make our work easier, each and every field has been evolved; whether it is the food, the sanitary …

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