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13 Homemade Chicken Pluckers on a Budget

When it comes to raising chickens for food, one of the tasks that can be a bit of a hassle is plucking their feathers. I remember when I first started raising chickens on my family’s farm, plucking feathers by hand took so much time and effort. That’s where homemade chicken pluckers come in handy – they make the job much easier and quicker.

Having your own chicken plucking machine might seem unconventional to some, but for those of us who rely on home-raised chickens for sustenance or for someone living off the grid and relying heavily on backyard chickens for daily protein, it’s incredibly practical. I’ve found that especially when living off the grid, where resources might be limited, a homemade chicken plucker can be a game-changer. It not only saves time but also ensures efficiency in processing poultry for daily meals.

Scouring through those DIY chicken plucker plans reminds me of the time I spent researching and experimenting to find the best design for my own homemade plucker. I remember feeling accomplished when I finally built one that suited my needs perfectly. With these plans, you’ll have a head start in creating your own efficient and cost-effective chicken plucker.

1: The Jack McGee Homemade Chicken Plucker

With a few pieces of scrap wood and some leftover PVC pipe, Jack McGee created his own budget-friendly homemade chicken plucker by grit. We recommend this to those who have a small flock of fowls, it works fast, cleans easily and is small enough to store easily. If you are recycling materials you have on hand to build this DIY chicken plucker, it could end up costing you nothing for out-out-pocket expenses.

The Jack McGee Homemade Chicken Plucker
Build a DIY chicken plucker, image via: grit 

2: Homemade Whizbang

At number second we are showing you the DIY chicken plucker by backyardpoultrymag that uses a 55 gallon, food grade plastic barrel, a few 2×4‘s, rubber ‘fingers’ and a 3/4 horsepower motor to do all the feather plucking for you. Patterned after the original Whizbang plucker, these plans allow you to build your own homemade whizbang from scavenged and recycled parts. You may also like to check out homemade egg incubators for hatching of chicken eggs.

Homemade Whizbang plucker
Homemade Whizbang plucker, image via: backyardpoultry

3: Barrel Chicken Plucker

Having raised meat birds myself, I know firsthand the importance of having a feather plucker to streamline the processing. One by one, plucking feathers can be exhausting, but with a homemade plucker, it becomes much more manageable.

I’ve found that using a 55-gallon barrel to create a homemade chicken plucker as demonstrated on YouTube, is not only efficient but also cost-effective. Based on my experience, I highly recommend this method, especially for homesteads processing multiple chickens for preservation.

What I love about this homemade plucker is its simplicity in both construction and operation. It’s a practical solution that doesn’t break the bank, and its mobility makes it easy to store when not in use. I’ve used it for various homestead birds like turkeys, guinea fowl, quail, and ducks, and it’s proven to be reliable every time.

4: Drum Homemade Chicken Plucker

Having had hands-on experience with the drum plucker like this one designed by friendlypastures, I can attest to its efficiency in swiftly removing feathers from chickens or ducks. This homemade chicken plucker is a time-saver, allowing you to complete feather removal in just a matter of seconds. By following the detailed instructions provided, you’ll gain the expertise to transform an old plastic drum, along with a few other components, into a functional and productive feather plucking device.

homeamde Drum Plucker
Drum Homemade Chicken Plucker, image via: friendlypastures

5: The $6 Homemade Chicken Plucker

Having explored various DIY options, I stumbled upon a clever plan by livingthefrugallife, transforming simple materials like a drill, PVC pipe end caps, and bungee cords into an incredibly affordable chicken plucker, costing just $6. This homemade plucker offers unmatched economy without compromising efficiency – it’s portable, inexpensive, and gets the job done swiftly. From my own experimentation, I’ve found that with a bit of practice and perhaps some assistance, mastering the use of this budget-friendly plucker becomes second nature. Additionally, if you’re interested in poultry processing, it might be worth looking into other poultry processing equipment to enhance your setup further.

The $6 Chicken Plucker
Plan to build a $6 Chicken Plucker, image via: livingthefrugallife

6: Achorn Farm Homemade Chicken Plucker

A 55-gallon, food grade plastic barrel, an old snow blower gear box , some scrap wood and the most expensive component – rubber fingers – created this economical diy chicken plucker for usage on Achorn Farms by achornfarm While the rubber finger costs $120 (including shipping and handling) for this DIY chicken plucker, you can purchase them or make them yourself much cheaper.

Achorn Farm Homemade Chicken Plucker
Achorn Farm Homemade Chicken Plucker, image via: achornfarm

7: Cowgirl Homemade Chicken Plucker

I’ve always believed in making the most of what’s available, which is why Cowgirl’s approach resonated with me. Her cowgirl chicken plucker, crafted for under 50 dollars, proves that efficiency doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Drawing from my experience, I suggest following her straightforward chicken plucker plans, which ingeniously incorporate everyday items like a pizza pan and belt. With Cowgirl’s guidance, anyone can replicate this budget-friendly and effective feather plucker.

Cowgirl Chicken Plucker
Cowgirl Homemade Chicken Plucker, image via: cowgirlscountry

8: Whizbang Homemade Chicken Plucker

This one claims to be the DIY chicken plucker that started it all back in 1999 and inventor, Herrick Kimball, willingly shares all his building plans and knowledge with all who are interested. Buy his book of step-by-step plans for building the Whizbang Chicken Plucker by whizbangplucker and visit his website to purchase any needed parts for the DIY chicken plucker.

Whizbang Plucker
Whizbang Homemade Chicken Plucker, image via: whizbangplucker

9: Washing Machine Whizbang Homemade Chicken Plucker

This unique idea recycles an old washing machine by blogs while creating an entirely new tool that will remove the feathers from chickens, ducks, turkeys or geese in a matter of seconds. Instead of hauling that old washing machine to the landfill (where it will take decades to

Washing Machine Whizbang Chicken Plucker
Washing Machine Whizbang Chicken Plucker, image via: blogs

10: Washing Machine Plucker

Repurposing an old washing machine into a homemade chicken plucker is a brilliant idea that I’ve seen in action. By utilizing the drum and some electrical components, you can create an efficient feather plucking machine right in your backyard. I’ve watched the YouTube video demonstrating this DIY project, and it’s impressive how quickly and effectively the chicken is plucked, saving time and effort in the meat processing stage. Following the step-by-step instructions in the video, you can build your own washing machine plucker for less than $100, which is perfect for homesteads dealing with multiple chickens at once.

11: $20 Chicken Plucker

I’ve had the chance to try out the $20 chicken plucker designed by mycrafts, and it’s truly remarkable how quickly it cleans off all the feathers from a harvested chicken. This homemade chicken plucker, constructed from a 55-gallon plastic barrel, a few 2x4s, and an electric motor, is both easy and affordable to build while being incredibly efficient in feather removal. Keeping the skin on your chickens adds flavor and retains essential fats, making it a popular choice among homesteaders, and this plucker ensures that task is a breeze, leaving you with perfectly prepared poultry for frying.

When considering the cost of store-bought chicken pluckers, which can run up to $500, it’s clear that opting for a DIY approach is the way to go. By following the instructions provided in the video, you can save a significant amount of money while still achieving the same results. Building your own chicken plucker machine for just $20 is not only cost-effective but also a practical investment for any homestead looking to streamline their poultry processing workflow.

$20 Chicken Plucker
Chicken plucker machine made with a 55-gallon plastic barrel, image via: mycrafts

12: Drill Poultry Plucker

Having personally experienced the efficiency of homemade chicken pluckers, I can confidently say that once you start using one, you’ll wonder why you didn’t build it sooner. To get started, head over to this YouTube video where you can find all the instructions you need to construct your own DIY plucker. Using rubber chicken plucking fingers attached to a cylindrical piece of wood powered by a drill, you’ll be amazed at how quickly and effortlessly the feathers are removed from the harvested bird, making the cleaning process a breeze.

If you’re tired of the discomfort and time-consuming nature of manual feather plucking, I highly recommend investing in a drill poultry plucker. Not only is it fast, easy, and inexpensive to build, but it also drastically reduces the time and effort required for feather removal. Trust me, once you try it, you’ll never want to go back to plucking by hand again.

13: Table Top Mounted Plucker

Having explored various homemade chicken pluckers, I stumbled upon barefootones’ ingenious design, which offers a nearly cost-free solution using scrap materials and a drill. Unlike traditional pluckers, this tabletop model allows for hands-free operation, making it efficient and convenient for poultry processing.

This tabletop drill plucker not only saves time and effort but also ensures versatility, as it can be used for ducks and turkeys as well. By following the detailed video instructions, you can construct this plucker with ease, avoiding the sore hands that often accompany manual feather removal.

Table Top Mounted Plucker
Table Top Mounted Plucker, image via: barefootones


Birds’ skin is very tasty as it contains all the rich elements that make it delicious to eat. But the problem is how to remove the feathers of chickens as it needs a lot of hard work. Homemade chicken pluckers can help you to speed up the processing of feather removal.

You can make any of these chicken pluckers we have shared with you that you find easy and best suits your needs. Hope you like our article! Please don’t forget to share your diy plucker once you have made up!


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