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The Most Famous Poultry Duck Products and Suppliers

Almost all of the ducks are brought up in the farm house and indoor settings. The reason for this is to protect them from various predators and animals which might prove to be dangerous for them. You are easily going to find this information in any duck guide.  A large number of ducks are now being raised in the United States in the regions of Wisconsin and Indiana. But when it comes to the overall poultry products, then Asia is the one to dominate all others in the duck market. According to the most recent statistics, in between the years 2000 to 2009 the poultry duck production has increased by more than 1 million tons. The average growth rate was nearly 3.3 % which is really quite high in comparison to the past. Not surprisingly, China is the leading country , followed by France, America, Vietnam and Germany. Almost all of the Muslim countries do not export or import large number of duck products all because their religious limitations to such foods. Below are some of the famous duck products and the places where they are loved.

Peking duck

As obvious from the name, this dish had originated in China and has been eaten in the country before the imperial times. It is one of the most eaten national foods inn China. The dish makes use of various slices of skin, cooked in a variety of ways and then served with hoisin and sweet beans sauces. The dish is also quite famous in US, UK, France, Germany, Mexico and many more.

Muscovy duck

The boneless version of the Muscovy duck is considered to be one of the most premium duck product to be sold to various countries and used in fine dining restaurants and hotels. It is in high demand in France, primarily because of its use in some of the French cuisines like confeit. They are also available in the markets in the form of whole ducks. These cooking ducks are also used on a large scale in the United States, UK, China and many other countries.

Cranberry Herb Muscovy duck Breast

What makes this product so easy to make and delicious is the use of cranberry herb stuffing for which this product is so famous for. It can be made easily in the home based settings and is also widely available in the restaurants and hotels in US, UK, France and China.

Orange Ginger duck

The duck is marinated by making use of orange ginger sauce with a number of other materials. There are several restaurants in UK, China and USA where one can taste the whims of this dish.

Duck Appetizers

There are a number of products and dishes included in the duck appetizers. Some of the famous duck appetizers are duck potstickers, duck breast spring rolls, duck quesadillas, almond breaded duck tenders and fully cooked duck wing drum mettes. There are a number of companies that specialize in offering all the possible ranges of duck products and cuisines.

Famous duck products suppliers


1)      Wangara Poultry and Game

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2)      Everspring Farms

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3)      West Bridge Foods

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