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Pakistan Poultry Broiler Farm Rates May 2013

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April 2013

June 2013


  1. Dear Sir,
    Kindly may you data provide about egg price in karachi Jul-12 to till date

  2. Great work. Nice to see some rates compilation finally.
    Do you have rates before Nov 2012? Ideally I am looking for rates for last two years. If not two years, than rates for all 2012 would be great help too.

    • thnx!mr.khalid i am adding rates on a daily basis so it will require lot of efforts to compile all previous rates,in the coming days i w’ll also add graph with tables to give more analytically view and also start keeping upto date with egg rates

      • I really like and appreciate what you are doing and can understand the amount of effort required to do this. I will keep on following your spreadsheets.
        Do you have 2012 data before Nov? Even if it is not, atleast there is a starting point from Nov 2012 onwards now.

  3. Great work can u also provide daily hatchery prices Aswel and it wil be great if you also add sargoda in your list Aswel . And also there should be rate for at least last two years

    • I w”ll try to expand the table in future with rates in more cities and also day old chicks and egg rate

  4. Thanks brother Frahan , I check your page everyday . I live in uk but I also run a controlled shed in sargoda . So please can u add sargoda in your table as soon as possible. Thanks

  5. Few questions sir if u can help. 1- in 30500 chicken farm what is average number of chicken will die each day. 2- how many bags of feed should be used. 3- what should be average weight of chicken after 36 days. 4-what should be average weight of all chicken after 36 to 38 days. 5- what should be maximum days u keep chicken in shed.

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