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Current picture of poultry farming in India 2012

The poultry farming sector of India has attained a lot of success over the past few decades as it has been among the most rapidly growing industries here. The growth and progress has been due the investment that has been poured in by the government and private sector. This exposition is to give you an idea about the various features and trends of development in this industry, the driving forces behind such trends, and developments and the predictions which can be derived about its future.

History and development of poultry industry in india

If you gather the statistics of the past three decades or so, you will find that Poultry farming in India has been a huge success. Stats show a 2 percent increase per annum in the agricultural production during the last 30 years, while the rate of increase or growth in the poultry sector has been a dominant 8 and the recent trend is 12 percent which gives an idea about how well this industry is doing. Its annual turnover is closing in on 10,000 US dollars. If you look at the statistics of the growth in the population of livestock exclusive of poultry, the trends are mixed because there have been a rise and fall. But if you move towards the livestock population of poultry, the rate is continuously on the rise with every passing year. Poultry business in India is now going through various structural changes among which most of them are just in the discussion phase. Emphasis are being laid on devising methods for enhancing vertical coordination between the supply channels that will enable to lower the transaction costs even further. Similarly steps are being taken to maintain the balance between production and imports of poultry item so that the local producer is not harmed and neither the prices are inflated. The main structural change has been the increase in the integrated producers which are merging feed milling, breeding contract growing and are fostering improved production and reduction in marketing costs. So the gist is that the present is showing the same positive indications as the past and the rate of growth is expected to increase even further.

Poultry production and consumption trends in India

Poultry production and consumption trends in India

A population of more than one billion and an increase in growth of 3 to 4 percent in per capita income on annual basis, India is proving its potential for commercial Poultry farming. The production and consumption figures for poultry meat and other poultry items have been continuously on the rise. Though the government very rarely publishes authentic data on the growth and production of this sector, the market research by different experts have suggested a substantial increase of 15 percent as compared to the past 10 years. India is among the top three largest egg producers of the world and is also a very prolific broiler producer. The rise in the consumption and production trends has also to do with the approach of the people as they are now getting more inclined towards the use of poultry meat rather than veal, beef and the Buffalo meat. This shift has given investors the urge to invest more and more into this industry and the result is the increased Poultry production in India.

india poultry

Broiler and Layer growth trends and investment opportunities

The annual average growth which is being shown by the broiler industry is about 10 percent and has been characterized as steady but volatile. This steady and effective growth is the result of the expansion in the middle class of this country and the rise in their demands for protein affluent food. Though the demand is increasing but the production faces fluctuations due to factors like overproduction and avian influenza. Year 2008 saw a rapid fall due to A1 outbreaks and rebounded back on the path in 2010 after which the trend has again been a rising one with average between 10 and 15. 2012 has set a new record of broiler production i.e. 3.2 million tons.  Similarly the layer industry is showing increased growth due to increasing demand for protein with low costs. Products of egg powder of India have a strong demand in Africa, Middle East and Asia and this is also promoting the growth. So the country has many opportunities for investment in the broiler and layer industries.

egg and layer production

Significance of poultry meat and eggs in country’s export

Though India is the leader when it comes to the population of cattle and animals, its exports of poultry meat is not at the most convincing level as compared to its potential. The reason is the undeveloped meat processing industry. Egg exports and exports of other powder egg products have always been on the rise which is due to factors like cost competitiveness and other logistical advantages. The low cost poultry meat which furnishes people with desired protein has increased its importance as compared to other meat like veal and beef. The poultry exports of India for the current year have been on the higher side with 503154 million tons but are low as compared to the potential of the industry here.

poultry exports

Various positive reforms are being introduced to promote the industry even further and provisions for effectiveness of facilities such as environmentally poultry control houses/shed in India are being made.  Poultry farms in India or India poultry farming industry is taking the country to new levels of progress.


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