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Fundamentals of Pastured Poultry System

Pasture poultry can be defined as a mechanism or method of raising poultry for the purpose of meat, pastured eggs or just for pleasure by making use of some pasture management system. No matter which form of poultry system you plan to use, you would initially begin by bringing up the chickens making use of the conventional methods and then …

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10 Best Egg Laying Chickens To Keep In Your Backyard

best egg laying chickens

Poultry birds have been domesticated for thousands of years now. These birds have existed since times when the process of selective breeding was first initiated by man. The physical and physiological traits that are used for classifying and categorizing chicken breeds are size, skin color, levels and amounts of feathering, the color of the egg and plumage color. In the …

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10 Tips for keeping chickens warm in the cold weather

With the start of the winter season, it is vital for the people who manage a backyard Chicken coop or are in the poultry business to take necessary steps to ensure the health and hygiene of their Chickens. So it’s important for them to understand the precautionary measures needed for raising Chickens in winter. As the winter season kicks off, …

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How To Raise Baby Chicks,A Beginners Guide To Backyard Chicken Farming

  Backyard chicken farming was widely observed up till the World War II.   The people used to raise the chicken by themselves for eggs and meat. The backyard chicken farming had a variety of merits. It acted as the natural nitrogen fertilization process when chicken perched the food and also a natural controller for bugs and pests. With modernization and …

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