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13 tips to protect your chickens from hot weather

Each of the united state regions is now broiling – wonder why the heat wave seems to have adored this place. Humans have ample amount of ways to counter this igneous heat but what about the animals around? I am being specific about our backyards fellows and other feathered creatures because they are absolutely innocent and rely on us for shelter when the temperature is torturing. One of the researches says that birds like turkeys, guinea fowl, ducks, chickens and pea fowls cannot stand against the temperature of 90 degrees – they can even die cause of sun stroke/ heat stroke if exposed to soaring temperature than this.

Don’t worry, there are ample ways through which you can protect your little fellows and keep your flocks happier even if the shiny sun is in the mood to annoy them. This excerpt now highlights simple, affordable and quick ways through which you can keep chicken cool during the hot season. Raising backyard chicken is interesting but caring chicken is responsibility.

Identify the heat stress symptoms:

You must be wondering how to identify symptoms regarding heat stress in poultry? Well, their behavior would depict lots of things;

  • Hyperventilation or panting: this refers to quick and short breaths by birds
  • Laziness – they lie down on the ground with fully stretched wings
  • Eating disorder – appetite shrinks
  • They stop responding to stimuli

heat stress in chickens


How to keep chicken cool in summer?

Here are the most inquired tips:

1: Choose the bird breed sensibly:

Indeed, you would never want to have a sick or lazy flock in the backyard – a healthy and active flock is something that each rasier would look up to. If that’s your goal, always select the bird breed wisely. What do I mean by this? See, there are a few heat tolerant breeds; similarly, you would come across cold tolerant breeds, and a few which cannot bear any extreme temperature. If you would build your flocks based on factors like beauty, rareness or egg laying ability only, you may face trouble. Before filling your coop clearly make a note of their habitats and abilities.

2: Chicken coop design should be considered:

Always inquire vendor about the coop designs; for example, the slanted roof has a greater tendency to absorb heat as well as the humidity. Similarly, all sides closed coop would also lead to suffocation; you must have a coop which allows fresh air to pass easily while providing enough shade inside the coop for birds.

3: Make sure enough shade is provided:

During summers specially, you must have shades and shelter at different places so that chickens and other birds can seek shelter there. What you can do is grow more shrubs, trees and porches – if you don’t have enough space, you can use man-made options for making shady areas.

shelter for chickens

4: Make water available:

You must place cold water for birds in their residency – try to change the water after 2 hours during peak summers. If that’s not possible for you, at the base of water containers place ice in plastic bags – this would help water retain coolness.

5: Use small ice air conditioners:

What you can do is, freeze water in small some containers and place them in the resting place of the birds. They would get an idea that while they are near the containers they feel relaxed and cold. It’s a good way to keep them away from heat strokes.

6: Provide dust bathing place:

By doing so you would reduce the chances of getting parasite as well as heat. When the temperature is ferocious, chickens make small holes in the dirt and would sit where they find cooler regions.

dust bath for chickens

7: Use of electrolyte:

All you have to do is buy a powdered electrolyte from the store and mix it in the cold water as per the instruction on the packet.

8: Pay attention to nest Box area:

Smaller chicken coops face this type of a problem widely – as the day passes temperature inside the coop soars. You have to make sure that there is proper ventilation and air circulation where nest boxes are placed. You can use a fan or place freezers (ice air conditioners). In fact you must have nest boxes outside somewhere in shady regions for summers.

fan in coop

9: Change in diet:

Stop giving your chickens scratch and corn – they provide the body with extra heat and require longer time for digestion. Replace them items with fresh fruits and juicy vegetables.

10: Use Frozen foods:

Take out fresh and juicy fruits and vegetables and chop them into smaller pieces. Go to your flocks and let them enjoy this meal twice a day. This would help them retain energy and coolness. You can try;

  • Watermelon
  • Cucumber
  • Oranges
  • Berries
  • Apples
  • Pineapple

food for chickens

11: Water your coop:

If you have plants at the top, that means you have a green roof chicken coop, you must keep on watering it. Also, you can create a cold water pool inside the coop.

12: Decrease the litter in the coop: 

You must decrease the deep coop bedding – by doing so you would be able to keep the coop cool and clean. This would increase the air circulation and decrease suffocation.

13: Give birds freedom:

Your goal is to lower the chickens stress so try giving them a place to play and walk around. This would help keep away their stress.

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  1. I use sand in my coop and run. In this 102-104 weather, I wet the sand down and my girls have enjoyed sitting on it during the hottest parts of the day. It’s so cooling that they aren’t even panting when they’re sitting on it..

    • That’s good! we do lots of things for us to save ourselves from hot weather like air conditioned room,insulating our house so why not for these little birds as they are living-being.

    • Excellent idea! We tried misters. That didn’t work so well, but misters over sand, now THAT is a positive idea!

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