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5 ideal Uses/advantages of poultry Chicken Manure/Litter

   The Use of Chicken litter/manure in Animal Feed

Poultry Wastages like Litter or Manure can be used for different purposes just like as input to animal feed. Recycled animal wastage such as  processed chicken litter or manure have been used as ingredients to animal feed for many years, These wastages contains  various amount of  minerals, fiber  and protein. They are usually used within the state or province where it is produced because it is not cost effective to move such a bulk material to far away. Mostly these kind of wastage is used by the dairy farmers as a winter food supplement for mother cows.

   The importance of poultry manure/litter as a fertilizer

Poultry manure/litter is an important source of fertilizing crops, corn and wheat. It is the most effective ingredients of among all animal wastages as a measure to soil amendment and plant nutrient. However excessive amount of manure for fertilizing the land can be dangerous.

   Use of poultry litter to run bio-gas plants

Another revolution is the use of poultry manure in running of bio gas plants .An efficient research was made by a farmer in Rajasthan who was running a 1000 of birds farm in his village used poultry manure as an input to bio gas plants for supply of gas to his house and in the neighbor, Even when he lost his farm by the victimizing of bird-flu, he started purchasing the litter from other farmers to continue running his bio-gas plants.

   Turning Poultry Waste into Fuel

Scientists are working for converting of poultry wastage into fuel after getting methane from litter .They have developed an environmentally clean way of lightning of houses by the energy produced in this way.when the combination of poultry litter,feather and water is heated at  500F and after it is little refined we get the awsome amount of  fuel enegy.

   Chicken droppings for producing electricity

Virginia Tech’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences has working on poultry dropping into bio-oil. They have achieved excellent result for optimizing the conversion of dropping into power source. The result is achieved by mixing of feather,litter bedding and spilled feed. When letter is vaporized by heating it, the vapor is then condensed to get bio-oil.  The same time, a form of slow release fertilizer can be recovered from the paralysis unit. The main advantage of this system is the amount of   vapor generated by heating the biomass which be used to power the unit.

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