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10 Popular Domestic Geese Breeds And Their Predators

When it comes to knowing the facts and information about geese, then surely a number of breeds stand out among all others. All of the ancestors of the domestic geese had been derived from the wild species of those times. The European breeds are believed to have originated from the graylag class while the Asian breeds had been obtained from the swan goose.

Although these two classes had quite separate origins, still they were able to inter breed from time to time. The breeds of domestic geese have been classified and stumbled into a number of different classes, the details of which would be shared below. Here are the 10 most popular breeds of domestic geese with pictures.

1. Toulouse

Known to be the largest and one of the most used standard geese breeds, the Toulouse breed is marked for having a weight of about 20 to 26 pounds. The back of this domesticated breed is seen to be dark gray in color. The color starts to transform to light gray color as we move towards the breast regions.

The feet are marked for their deep reddish and orange colors. The bill of the Toulouse breed is pale yellow. In terms of the predators, raccoons, owls, foxes and weasels are in the lead.

Toulouse geese

2. Embden

This geese breed comes from a German city that was famous for exporting them to the regions in England. In comparison to the Toulouse, the embden breed is a bit smaller and white in color. Moreover, it is also a better sitter in comparison to the different breeds of geese.

It is also the most popular and desired market goose in the United States markets. In addition to being a rapid grower, the breed is also quite agile in maturation. The adults can easily reach the weight of about 16 to 26 pounds. In order to wither off the predators, the breed is famous for making use of stylized sounds, hissing and movements.

 embden geese

3. African

Marked for having an ashy brown color and dark orange colored legs, The African geese breed had originated in India. But at the same time, it has been erroneously reported that Africa is the region where it had come from. It also has a kind of protuberance on the top regions of its head.

The male members of the breed are really famous for cross breeding into the other breeds. The adults in this breed are able to have a weight of about 14-20 pounds. Its dark beak together with some other features make it less desirable in comparison to the Toulouse and embden.

african geese

4. The American Buff

Being light buff in color and having a white shaded breast, The American Buff is considered to be latest addition into the American market standards. In a matter of no time, the breed has been able to bag a fame and popularity, which is all because of its amazing features and breeding characteristics. The adults in the class of American Geese breed can reach the weight of about 15-18 pounds.

 american buff geese

5. Chinese Geese

Presently, you can find the brown as well as white varieties of the Chinese geese. Being smaller and having a swanlike appearance, this breed of geese is well adopted and suited for consumption at the home based settings. The brown Chinese goose is known to have a brown colored plumage, while the white ones are known for their orange colored bill.

chinese geese

6. Sebastopol Geese

Marked for their twisted, curled and feathery upper regions of the body, the Sebastopol is classified to be an ornamental breed. The weights for the adults can top the 12 to 14 pounds limit, thus also making them suited for non-commercial purposes.

spastopol geese

7. Pilgrim

The pilgrim is more like a fast growing and sturdy geese breed which is desirable for varying reasons and features. It has always been raised for its feathers and for the purpose of its delicious meat. The breed is also different in terms of the plumage color with which the males are separated from the females.

The males happen to have blue colored eyes, while the females are marked for having hazel colored eyes. The optimal weight for the adults reaches to about 12 to 14 pounds.

Pilgrim geese

8. The Canada Goose

Mechanisms of close confinement are what that are used for the captivation of this geese breed. Mostly they are used in the public parts and by the hunters to serve the purpose of decoys. Their plumage varies from grey to black colors while the feathers on their breast happen to be light.

The ganders or male members do not breed before the age of 2 years. Moreover, they are famous for the mating process in pairs. But there is one drawback in making use of this breed for commercial reasons i.e. they are not efficient in terms of the reproduction.

Beautiful Canada Goose

9. Egyptian

Having long legs, but a small sized body appearance, the Egyptian is used for varying ornamental purposes. Surely, the breed is beautiful but has no potential for competing in the commercial markets all over the world.

The only ones who prefer to purchase them are the ones who are obsessed with their beauty. Their weight, which ranges from 4 to 6 pounds, is also what makes them the least desirable.

Egyptian geese

10. The Buff Back Geese

Europe is the place of origin for this geese breed, which can be differentiated in terms of its plumage size, color and a long bodied appearance. It is used for the purpose of meat and eggs together with its broody nature. They can be breed effectively in the form of pairs and trios.

The Buff Back Geese

Protecting Geese From Predators

For the purpose of protecting the breeds from the geese predators, you would need to provide them with some adequate levels of shelter. It is best to allow them to roam in the day time and keeping them confined in protected shelters at night.

Not to forget here that some predators are quite lethal in terms of attacking from under the ground due to which it is recommended to secure the base of the shelter with some strong and durable materials.  It is also preferable to make the use of low intensity electric fences. The common predators for all the breeds of geese include bobcats, dogs, coyotes,

geese predators

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