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12 ways to preserve chicken eggs to prolong its freshness

I get really amazed when I see fatty chickens running through the driveway. My friends and family members keep on arguing that why I am spending much time in this hobby? True that it consumes a lot of time and taking care of these cute little fellows is troublesome to some extent. However, I never felt anything troubling, maybe because I was in love with my adorable bird babies. I wasn’t much into keeping the chickens for poultry purposes, because I was attached to my fellows. However, with time my father made me understand that at times we can use the fresh eggs and the meat for the dining table.

Also, the father told me that I can introduce newer chickens to the family so in a way I won’t lose my fellows; I liked the idea, and I must confess one thing over here – since my father told me to use the fresh egg for my breakfast, from the backyard chickens coop, I fell in love with the taste of the egg. It was really very different from those which I used to get from the stores. However, I was quite suspicious to know that how can the egg taste differ when both comes from the hens? Gradually I realized that the egg I obtained from the backyard chicken was fresh, the yolk was more tasty and nourishing, and the outer shell was much harder.

I have noticed some behaviors in these little fellows; hens keep on laying eggs even if there is no rooster available for the fertilization. The conventional breed of hen would lay only one egg per day; however, some people have collected even 8 eggs per week. Summers and springs are considered to be the best periods for hens, while autumn and winters are not much egg laying seasons. With artificial environment and proper lights you can make the cycle work. In order to make the most of the spring and summer seasons egg lying, ample amount of preserving fresh eggs methods have been evolved.

1: For long term storage, the mixture of sodium silicate is quite popular. This is a conventional farmer way for storing fresh hen eggs. In water the powdered sodium silicate is mixed and the fresh eggs are covered completely with the paste; these covered eggs are safely kept inside the stoneware crock. you can keep the eggs fresh up to 2 years with this simpler method.

2: As per the USDA recommendation, it is suggested  to cover the eggs with lime solution and keeps them in stoneware crock; this is another method which is used for keeping eggs fresh for at least 15 months.

3: Never change the temperature of the hen eggs. For example, if you have bought the un-refrigerated eggs from the farm, than make sure you keep them stored in such a place which does not provides difference in the temperature. This would help the egg retain its freshness. In case the egg is refrigerated once, than make it under the similar conditions till use.

4: Backyard chicken eggs can be kept fresh for a year if you opt the freezing technique. Practically it is not possible for one to store four or more dozens of eggs in the refrigerator at a time, but you can do it by keeping the mixture of beating eggs. Consider it as if you are making the scrambled eggs; this mixture if placed in an airtight jar properly, can retain its freshness for 12 months easily.

freezing egg

5: You can even preserve the egg yolk for a longer time period. Those who are interested in baking and cooking can add salt or sweet accordingly in the beaten yolks, and keep them in the refrigerator in any airtight bottle. This would help in sustaining the freshness for a year at least.

presrving egg

6: In order to keep the egg white useful for a year, you can simply pour them in the ice cube trays and get them freeze. Later, you can keep those egg white cubes in the airtight shopper and leave in the refrigerator at night.This would provide you with fresh egg  for up to 9 months

7: You can simply take help from mineral oil; slight heat some mineral oil and rub each and every egg so that it gets coated. Now you can place the carton in the room temperature or even in the fridge as per your choice. Don’t worry, the chicken eggs freshness would be retained for at least 8 months.


8: You can take a container and fill it with natural preservative like chopped oats, salt or may be bran and charcoal mixture. Now add the eggs in the container containing this mixture.

9: Unwashed eggs retain their freshness for longer time period; there is a natural protection known as bloom around the egg, if it remains undistributed the egg won’t lose its freshness till months.

10: The ideal temperature for retaining the eggs freshness is 35° to 40°F – At that temperature the egg would remain fresh even after 6 months.

11: Unwashed eggs when placed under dry sand retain their freshness for moths easily.

12: By pasting the coat of Vaseline, you can keep the eggs fresh under normal room conditions.

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