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8 Revolutionary chicken coop designs

Do you have a passion for poultry farming? Enjoy the benefits of the best chicken coop designs.

Explore your poultry keeping options through the new and creative designs available at your disposal. Keeping poultry does not have to be stressful once you have mastered the art of backyard chicken coop designs. Chicken coops come in handy in poultry farming because they provide a conducive habitat for your chicken to lay eggs, rest and feed. They can also be the difference between a safe haven for your poultry and a death trap that is prone to predators that will destroy your investment and make you go at a loss. Building a chicken coop is not rocket science; one can easily construct a home made chicken coop that will serve its purpose effectively without incurring high costs.

Great chicken coop designs need to display creativity and have to be practical as well.

Some of the best chicken coop designs include:

EGLU Chicken Coop

Eglu Go coops which are designed by omlet are advanced and highly innovative. It has brilliant features that are guaranteed to make poultry farming successful with reduced risks. Such features include:

  • It is made of Durable plastic material which does not rust when rained on or harbor pests such as red mites
  • It is Predator proof hence guaranteeing your poultry a safe haven form wild animals
  • Egg cartons that enable you to easily collect eggs.
  • Water and feed containers
  • Attached run if you choose sized for2-3 standard or 3-4 bantam chickens
  • A secure wire run that grants effective restriction to prevent the chicken from straying as well as grant them adequate freedom
  • A spacious area that makes it easy to clean
  • Fair pricing that will ensure that you save on overheads cost while purchasing and maintaining the coop
  • A refund guarantee should you purchase coop that does not meet your expectations.
  • Open accessibility that enables you to purchase the coop from wherever you are.

designed by omlet

Chicktopia designed 

This chicken coop is designed by studio h and is  made of one hundred reclaimed sticks from a tobacco barn and has incorporated a modern architectural design that involves two skewed boxes that are able to aid in the construction of a cozy home for  your poultry.

designed by studio h

Cocorico design

Designed by Maxime Evard, this egg-shaped housing compartment by yankodesign is connected to a covered mesh area that provides a secure home for your poultry to play around and scratch freely without the fear of predators attacking them.

Maxime Evard design

Breed and retreat coop

This coop was designed by Frederki Rioje at dezeen who made sure that he came up with a modernized design that enables you to construct an elevated with private rooms and a large glassed-in-egg area that allows you to monitor your chicken while they lay their eggs.

desined by Frederki Rioje

Chicken circus coop

This coop was designed by sturel H. they have managed to design a coop that makes it easy to feed your chicken and collect your eggs. The coop has two doors that grant you easy access to the coop while the front run provides adequate protection for your poultry.

desined by studio H

The modular coop

Designed by Mitchell Snyder this coop is beautiful and highly modernized. It provides a comfortable home that is protected from any harm. The design is simple and straightforward making it easy to construct.

designed by Mitchell Snyder

The metro coop

This coop was designed by Glenn Nardeli, it goes for four thousand dollars and provides a functional home for your chicken as well as an all weather home that can last through winter. It has a decorative wire that is more durable compared to any normal wire that makes it beautiful and its dimensions can be adjusted to fit in as many chicken as you would want.

designed by Glenn Nardeli

Bake's Binster coop

This coop was designed by John Bake and goes for seven hundred and ninety five dollars. It is made of cedar and has a compost bin attached to it. This brilliant design helps you collect manure in the compost bin and helps you provide a clean home for your chicken.

designed by John Bake

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