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23 Free Pallet Chicken Coop Plans You Can Build in a Weekend

Save time and money by building a pallet chicken coop using one of these ideas to provide your brood with a safe place to live. Stylish and eco-friendly, you can build your own chicken coop with recycled wood pallets in just one weekend and start enjoying fresh, organic eggs within days. Look through these 23 free chicken coop plans and get started on the road to living a sustainable lifestyle by building your own DIY chicken coop.

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1- Getting Free Pallet Chicken Coop

Build a large chicken coop the cheap and easy way with these free pallet chicken coop plans. Gather free wooden pallets from Craig’s List in your local area and you will have all the lumber needed for building a chicken coop out of pallets. In addition to the lumber, you will need some roofing material and screws to complete this DIY building project.

Each pallet wood slat is typically cut to 37 inches so you won’t have to cut most of the wood. Break down the pallets and select the best wood slats for your building project. Customize the size and height of the new DIY pallet chicken coop to accommodate whatever flock size you have.

The pallet wood can be painted or left in its’ rustic, natural state. The pallet wood is strong, sturdy and will last for years as-is but a coat of paint or stain will enable the wood to last a few years longer.

Pallet Chicken Coop Plans3

2- Cedar Siding

Add cedar shake siding to an ordinary pallet chicken coop to elevate it to a thing of beauty. Purchase Cheap bundles of cedar shakes for only  $20. Apply cadar shakes to the sides of a DIY pallet chicken coop that will weather proof the structure of coop and make it look nice. Your chicken flock will have a safe, warm, dry, and secure place to live and you will have a nice structural feature in your backyard. A layer of tar paper is added on top of the pallet wood before the cedar shakes are attached so additional weather proofing.

Get these free pallet chicken coop plans that will show every step of the building process so you will be able to complete it in just one weekend. Download and print the plans for a quick reference during the building process.

The coop size can be customized to accommodate the size of flock that you have. The price of eggs has skyrocketed so having your own flock of laying hens will save you a lot of money plus it could bring in extra income. Many people are willing to pay a little more for fresh organic eggs instead of paying the high prices at the grocery store.

DIY pallet chicken coop

3- Building A Pallet Chicken Coop

Build an almost free pallet chicken coop with recycled materials! Make a few calls to local businesses and often they will give you wooden pallets and other leftover building materials just to get them out of their way.

Materials needed for this DIY pallet chicken coop project will be wood from pallets, roofing, and screws. A chicken coop the size of this one would cost around $1,000 pre-made but you can build it for practically nothing. This large, sturdy chicken coop can is built from pallets and will provide safe, warm, shelter for a large flock of hens.

Make the calls, gather the materials, and watch this YouTube video so you can build a pallet chicken coop like this one in a weekend.

4- Elevated Pallet Chicken Coop Plan

Use these free pallet chicken coop plans to build a small, elevated hen house that allows you to retrieve eggs without bending or going inside the coop. Perfect for an owner with a bad back that want free, organic eggs for breakfast each morning.

Elevated Pallet Chicken Coop Plan

5- Easy To Build Pallet Chicken Coop

Look these free pallet chicken coop plans and build one like it for your chickens in a weekend. Follow these detailed instructions and build this in a weekend. A few wood pallets and tin for the roof are about all you will need to build this easy pallet home for your backyard chicken flock.

If you need a safe, secure place for your chickens to roost but don’t want to spend a lot of money, watch this YouTube video. These free plans will show you how to transform a few wooden pallets into an attractive and functional chicken coop that will last for years.

This pallet chicken coop was built for under $50. If you have leftover tin roofing on hand then the building project will cost even less. This easy DIY project can be built in a weekend.

6- Rustic Coop

This plan for building a small and rustic coop is perfect for those who live in a wooded setting. This backyard chicken coop plans create a safe house for the fowl family that blends in with the wooded landscape.

Rustic Chicken Coop

7- Sleek and Modern Pallet Coop

No one will know these hen house plans start with recycled wood pallets. The end result is a sleek and modern abode that any chicken would be proud to call home.

Hen House Plans Start With Recycled Wood Pallets

8- Little Red Hen House

When we think of a hen house, most of us have an image of a little red house where the chickens live. This is it. These free pallet chicken coop plans will show you how to build that cute little red hen house in your backyard this weekend.

Happy hens lay more eggs, and this little red hen house will make your hens very happy. The structure will also add to the curb appeal and value of your property.

This DIY  pallet chicken coop is built off the ground to provide a shady and safe place for the hens to roam and scratch during the day time. The elevation also helps to keep predators out of the hen house.

A side window provides natural light inside the hen house and an exterior door provides easy access to the nesting boxes. You will be able to gather the eggs without going inside the hen house. A ramp built into the bottom of the hen house allows the hens freedom to come and go as they please within the confines of their house and fenced in yard.

Your kids will be wanting a little red hen house like this one to use as an outdoor play house. Since the building cost is cheap you can afford to build two pallet houses — one for the hens and one for the kids. The wood pallet can be obtained for free and leftover building materials, like roofing, windows, and paint, can be used to make the little hen house your own unique design.

The size of this hen house is easy to modify and can be built to house a large or small flock of chickens.

DIY  pallet chicken coop

9- Small Pallet Chicken Coop

This small pallet chicken coop is ideal for a small flock of 2-4 hens. It also fits perfectly into a small backyard. The design is also attractive enough to meet the guidelines of most subdivision rules.

Get these step-by-step plans that will show you how to build this small pallet coop that can be built in a weekend. The coop is elevated off the ground to protect the hens from predators and to provide easy access to the inside of the coop. Gathering the eggs or cleaning the coop won’t be a back breaking experience when the chicken coop is at this height.

Small Pallet Chicken Coop

10- Pallet Chicken Run

Chickens love to scratch in the soil and search for small bugs to supplement their diets. They also need a safe place to roam around while they are scratching in the soil. This chicken run created from wood pallets is an ideal way to provide a safe, outdoor environment for your flock.

Follow these free chicken coop plans for using wood pallets to build an outdoor extension for the chicken coop. Your chickens will be kept safe and confined so they won’t get into your vegetable or flower garden and scratch your plants up.

The wood pallets are stood up on their sides and secured into the ground with fence posts to create an enclosed outdoor space for your chickens. As an extension of the chicken coop, the hens can go in and out as they please.

This pallet chicken run is easy to build in a weekend and the cost is minimal.

Pallet Chicken Coop Plans

11- Large Pallet Chicken Coop

When a large house and run space is needed for your fowl family, these step-by-step instructions on how to build a chicken coop from pallets is just what you need. You can still get this built within a weekend and reap the benefits for years to come.

large house and run space

12- Small Fowl House

Functional and small chicken coop, this fowl house is as cute as a backyard doll house. Perfect for achieving a shabby-chic look in your backyard.

Functional and small chicken coop

13- Easy Chicken Coop Plans

Easy does it with these step-by-step plans for a backyard chicken coop. Easy and attractive, your chickens will want to go inside before all the walls have been erected.

Easy Chicken Coop Plans

14- Cheap and Easy

Cheap and easy can still look nice in your landscape when you follow these picture-heavy plans for building your own backyard hen house. No one will guess this hen house is made from recycled pallets.

picture-heavy plans for building your own backyard hen house

15- Small and Simple Pallet Chicken Coop

When you just need to provide a safe roost for a couple of chickens each night, check out these simple plans that transform wooden pallets into a small and simple hen house.

small and simple hen house

16- Safe and Secure Pallet Coop

Make your chickens feel safe and secure by building them a small, yet functional, hen house with these free pallet-building plans.

free pallet-building plans

17- Walk-In Pallet Chicken Coop

Use these free pallet chicken coop plans to build a tall, walk-in coop that will give you and your chicken room to grow into. Walk-in hen houses make for easy cleaning, egg-gathering and general maintenance.

Pallet Chicken Coop Plans

18- Pallets and Upcycled Lumber

Construct this adorable country hen house with pallet wood and upcycled lumber. If you live in an area that has a building code but still want a couple of chickens, this hen house should pass inspection. It is small, does not obstruct the view, and would look nice in any backyard.

Use these instructions for building a chicken coop out of pallets this weekend. Then, head over to your local farmers markets and buy a few hens and you will be eating fresh eggs next week.

A small flock of laying hens will supply you with almost two dozen eggs per week. And with the price of eggs so high, everyone should have a couple of laying hens in their backyard.

Chicken coop out of pallets

19- Stylish Chicken House

If you are considering getting a backyard chicken flock, you will need a house for them. Chickens roost at night and a place for them to forage during the day will keep the flock out of the weather and safe from predators.

This stylish chicken house made from recycled pallet wood will provide your flock with everything they need and it will look good in your backyard. This pallet chicken coop design is an all-in-one hen house that provides shelter, nesting boxes, and fenced in access to the outdoors. These free plans will provide you with detailed written instructions as well as a pictorial progression of the building process.

This pallet chicken coop design may cost a little more than the other ones, but it does look very nice when completed. This would be an ideal hen house for anyone living in a subdivision where building restrictions may be enforced. You will be able to enjoy the companionship of live chickens and enjoy fresh eggs without taking away from your view of the outdoors.

Stylish Chicken House

20- Cheap Chicken House

Build a cheap chicken house using the wooden slats from recycled pallets. You will also need some roofing material and hardware but a pallet chicken coop like this one will cost less than $50 to build.

Watch this YouTube video and follow the detailed plans to build a DIY pallet chicken coop like this one this weekend. It’s a great way to get started raising chickens and having fresh organic eggs without spending a lot of money on start-up costs.

If you want to save money, use recycled building materials, and have a chicken house that will keep your hens safe, build a pallet chicken coop like this one. This design also makes gathering eggs and cleaning out the nest very easy.

21- Large Chicken Coop

Watch this YouTube video to discover how you can take small wooden pallets and build a very large DIY pallet chicken coop with recycled wood. You will also need OSB board, roofing material, and hardware to complete the build. Even though this is a large chicken coop it can still be built in one weekend if you gather all the building materials first.

If you are planning on expanding your flock of yard birds, then they will need a large house to live in. This is a great idea for a big family living on a homestead or if you are looking to sell eggs or baby chicks to bring in more income.

If you are planning on expanding your flock of yard birds, then they will need a large house to live in. This is a great idea for a big family living on a homestead or if you are looking to sell eggs or baby chicks to bring in more income.

Using recycled pallet wood will save you a lot of money on this DIY project. Chickens are social creatures and love to interact with you, plus provide you with wholesome, high protein eggs.

22- Off Ground Chicken Coop

Keep your flock happy and safe with an off ground pallet chicken coop like this one. Built with recycled pallet wood and topped with a tin roof, this is the ideal place for your hens to lay their eggs. And since it is built a few feet off the ground, the hens naturally climb up the ramp and enter the hen house to roost at night. Close the door and your flock will sleep safely all night.

This is a great hen house to build for a large homestead. It is cheap and easy to build, plus it is sturdy and will last for several years. You can build it in one weekend and it will last for several years. Add a coat of paint to protect the wood and make it look nice.

Off Ground Chicken Coop

23- Rustic Chicken Coop

The rustic design of this pallet chicken coop is adorable! The design also keeps the building costs and time involvement down to a minimum.

Build this rustic hen house in one weekend for a small flock of backyard chickens. The design makes it easy to incorporate it into your landscape design or to make the hen house the focal point of your backyard.

These free, step by step instructions will enable you to build one just like it. This chicken coop can be customized to suit the size of the flock that you have. It will keep the predators out and your chickens safely inside. This pallet chicken coop would also be great for turkeys, dusks, or guineas.

Rustic Chicken Coop

How many pallets do I need to build a chicken coop?

That depends on the size of the chicken coop you plan on building, the design of the coop, and the condition of the wood. You could build a small chicken coop with only 5 pallets but a large one might require 50 pallets.

Get extra when possible. You may want to expand the chicken coop and need more lumber.

Is pallet wood safe for chickens?

Yes, most of it is safe. Most pallet wood has not been treated with chemicals and they are created from rough sawn lumber. Avoid any pallet marked “MB”. This means the pallet was treated with methyl bromide, a toxic chemical that could be hazardous to chickens.

As long as all the nails are removed, no unknown substance has been spilled on the wood, and the broken pieces with jagged edges are not used, the chickens will be safe.

Is pallet wood waterproof?

Pallet wood is raw wood. It has never been treated with any type of water-resistant product. While it is not water proof, it will help to keep chickens dry during a rain storm for a little while. Once the wood becomes saturated the rain water will begin to drip inside the chicken coop. Cover the pallet wood with some type of water proof roofing material.

Can you get pallets for free?

Yes, you can and free wood to build with will keep your pallet chicken coop costs down to the bare minimum.

To find places that offer free pallets, think about the businesses that would buy bulky, heavy items. Items like that are often stacked on pallets and covered in shrink wrap before being shipped out to the business.

Check garden centers, hardware stores, furniture stores, and building supply stores. Sometimes they can be found around dumpsters or offered on a local online sale site.

Summing Up

Pallet chicken coops are easy to build and are not expensive too so you can build your own chicken coop without spending a lot of money on building. You can select any of these pallet chicken coops to make your own depending upon the shape and size that best suits your needs.

And, we hope you also have the inspiration and guidance you need to build your own coop. We’d love to hear how your own chicken coop adventures go and any questions you have in the comments!

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