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23 A Frame Chicken Coop Plans For Keeping Small Flock Of Chickens

When you only have a small flock of chickens, a big coop is not needed. Building a DIY A Frame chicken coop will meet the housing needs your fowls have while making it easy for you to gather eggs and tend to your little flock. Check out our round up of these 23 A Frame chicken coop plans we bring for you round the internet and find the one that is right for your needs, you can use them to get a small chicken coop built in a day.

1- Wheeled Chicken Tractor

The first one we have is an A frame chicken coop by backyardchickens with wheels so it can easily be moved around the yard. Learn how to build a chicken coop that the chickens will love, be safe in, and portable with these free plans.

The A frame structure is 7-feet tall and 7-feet wide and has two wheels on one end so it can be moved to fresh grass as needed. Moving the hen house around the landscape is a great way to fertilize the soil organically without having to do any work. The chickens do all the work for you and the fertilizer is free.

A Frame Chicken Coop
Wheeled Chicken Tractor, Image via: backyardchickens

2- A Frame Chicken Tractor

This design is portable such as we have seen in the first one but without wheels. It’s small with a built-in nesting box and perches for the hens. Ideal for a small flock of chickens and easy to move around the garden as needed.

Follow these step by step instructions to build this attractive and functional A frame chicken coop by ana-white The design should be acceptable in most subdivisions and other restricted residential areas. See the plan at

A Frame Chicken Tractor
A Frame Chicken Tractor, we love this design, image via: ana-white

3- Mobile Chicken Ark

These free instructions will show you how to build a mobile chicken ark by bensnaturalbuilding that is scalable to meet the needs of your flock.

This design uses a lot of wood instead of shingles and metal, so it’s an A frame chicken coop project that can help you use pieces of leftover lumber you may have. The hinged roof design also allows for easy access to the interior of the chicken ark.

The area under the ark is secured with wire fencing so the hens can roam around and scratch in the soil in a safe environment.

A Frame Chicken Coop
A Frame Chicken Coop, this is one of our most favourite chicken coop made by leftover lumber, Image via: bensnaturalbuilding

4- Recycled Building Materials

Recycle used building materials into a functional and pretty A frame DIY chicken coop by re-store.org. The cost will be almost nothing if you have enough materials already on hand to follow these detailed, step-by-step building instructions.

Recycled Building Materials
Recycled Building Materials, image via: re-store

5- Mobile Chicken Coop

Easy to move with easy access exterior nesting boxes. Learn how to build this A frame hen house on youtube that is sturdy, functional, and affordable.

Chicken coop plans are scalable so you can make this A frame fit your flock. You will only need basic building tools for this DIY project so it’s an ideal build for an off-grid homestead or someone who doesn’t own a lot of power tools.

6- Movable Chicken Shed

Here is an A frame chicken coop that is built on a sled so it can be moved around the landscape.

Moving it around provides the chickens with fresh grass to scratch around in, plus it leaves behind the chicken droppings.

The floor of this A frame chicken coop by cosmopolitancornbread is made from hardware cloth so the droppings just fall through to the ground. No clean-up for you, just fertilized soil left behind after this chicken sled is moved.

Movable Chicken Sled
We love the Movable Chicken Sled, its very inspiring design, image via: cosmopolitancornbread

7- Above Ground A Frame Coop

These A frame chicken coop plans by instructables sinstructableshow you how to build a hen house that provides a safe place for hens to lay their eggs and have plenty of room to scratch into the soil.

We love this a-frame diy chicken coop design as it’s a two-story frame with a laying box and roost on the second floor and chicken run underneath. The hens will have all the comforts they need to feel at home and the small-sized a frame won’t take up much space in your backyard.

Above Ground A Frame Coop
Above Ground A Frame Coop, image via: instructables

8- Barn Style Chicken Coop

Here we have a plan for building a DIY chicken hutch by homedepot that looks like a mini-replica of an old-time red barn. This beautiful hen house will compliment your backyard decor and keep your egg-layers safe.

Barn Style Chicken Coop
Barn Style Chicken Coop that looks similar to mini-replica of an old-time red barn. we just love how it is made, image via: homedepot

9- Cheap A Frame Hen House

This easy chicken coop by instructables can be built with less the $50 worth of new materials. The cost will be even less if you have some scrap building materials on hand. Here are more ways to build a cheap coop using pallets.

Cheap A-Frame Hen House
Cheap A-Frame Hen House, image via:instructables

10- Portable Mini Coop

This easy-to-build portable chicken coop by motherearthnews is lightweight and has front wheels so it’s easy for one person to move around. The hens have a safe haven to retreat to each night and an enclosed area in which they can scratch around in during the day in search of bugs. The wheels on this mini coop allow you to move the house around daily or weekly so the fowls can enjoy a variety of fresh insects in their diet.

Portable Mini Coop
Portable Mini Coop, image via: motherearthnews

11- Mobile Chicken Coop

An old metal frame, a few boards, chicken wire and a couple of wheels can be used to create this mobile A frame instructables. Lightweight and easy to move, this design will allow hens to feast on fresh grass and insects every day.

Mobile A frame Chicken Coop
Moveable Chicken Coop that is easy to move, image via: instructables

12- Adjustable A Frame Coop Plans

These detailed plans for an A frame coop by myoutdoorplans are adjustable so you can use them to build a coop that is just the right size for your hens. This hen house will provide safety both day and night for your egg-layers.

Adjustable Coop Plans
Adjustable Coop Plans, image via: myoutdoorplans

13- A Frame with Outdoor Space

Several chickens can live comfortably inside this safe A frame chicken coop by backyardchickens plus enjoy safe outdoor space during the day. Chicken wire covering the ground inside the coop and an attached fenced-in yard allows the chicken to have free-run day and night while staying safe.

A-Frame with Outdoor Space
A-Frame with Outdoor Space, image via: backyardchickens

14- Recycled Swing Set

When the kids outgrow the swing set, use the frame to create a new A frame chicken coop by oneradianthome with these free plans.

The DIY project already has a sturdy frame, all you have to do is enclose it with your choice of building material and create some nesting boxes and a perch. These can be built on the upper level and the bottom of the A frame can be enclosed with wire fencing material to allow the hens to roam in safety.

This would also be a good build for free-range chickens that are allowed to roam around the yard as desired. The safe A frame coop will keep them safe from predators at night and it’s easy for the hens to enter and exit as desired.

A frame chicken coop
Recycled Swing Set Chicken Coop, image via: oneradianthome

15- Small A Frame Chicken Coop

This small coop is easy and inexpensive to build and can comfortably house up to 6 chickens. Hens don’t need much indoor space since they huddle together at night on the same perch and like to lay their eggs in the same nesting box each morning.

More outside space and less inside space make for happy laying hens and this small A frame coop by instructables helps save space and money. A ramp allows the chickens easy entry and exit and a door that operates on a pulley system so it can be opened quickly in the morning and closed securely at night.

Small A Frame Chicken Coop
Small A Frame Hen House that accomodate 6 chickens, we highly recommend this design, image via: instructables

16- Backyard Chicken Tractor

This design makes it easy to move the hen house and the chicken safely around the garden or yard as needed. Keep your outdoor space well-fertilized and your chickens well fed on organic food with this chicken tractor by instructables

Simple design is easy and affordable to build. Each end of the upper level contains a nesting box and the center of the roof opens for easy access to the interior of the chicken tractor coop. The wire keeps the predators out but allows the hens access to the grass and bugs. Lightweight and easy to move.

Backyard Chicken Tractor
Easy To Move Backyard Chicken Tractor, image via: instructables

17- Cute and Petite

This cute and petite-sized A frame chicken coop by ana-white is ideal for a suburban backyard. It can comfortably and securely hold 3-5 chickens and doors on each side of the coop allow for easy access. The chickens can easily be let out to free-range through the side door also.

This A frame coop is designed to shed water quickly and provide plenty of shelter for the chickens. Two nesting boxes, one in each end, provide ample room for hens to lay eggs.

A frame chicken coop
A frame coop for 3 to 5 hens, image via: ana-white

18- Rolling A Frame

These free plans show you how to build a large rolling A frame by instructables that is designed for daytime use.

Allow your chickens to free-range in a safe and protected space with this rolling A frame.

A door in one end of the coop is used to allow safe entry and exit from stationary hen house to the rolling A frame each morning and night. The rolling a-frame does not have nesting boxes, but it does have retractable wheels so it can easily be rolled where you want it, then have the wheel retracted so it sits flush on the ground to protect hens from predators.

Rolling A Frame
Rolling A Frame Chicken Coop Design, image via: instructables

19- Automated A Frame Coop

This design idea shows you how to set up an automated door on an A frame chicken coop by instructables so it will open and close electronically.

The door of the A frame opens to an enclosed chicken run so the hens will enter a secure area when the door opens in the morning. The door is set on a timer to close at a specific time at night so you don’t have to go outside after dark.

Automated A Frame Coop
Automated A Frame Coop idea, we love its automated door idea, image via: instructables

20- Cheap A Frame Coop

Use these detailed plans to build a safe and secure A frame coop by hillsborough-homesteading for under $200. The A frame roof line forms the two long sides and extends down to the ground. Nesting boxes and perches are tucked under the covered sides. The two ends are covered with wire fencing material and a door allows for easy access.

Keep your hens safe and secure without spending a lot of money with this simple design.

Cheap A Frame Coop
Cheap A Frame Coop, image via: hillsborough-homesteading

21- Gothic Chicken Ark

Build an ark of safety, Gothic style, with these easy-to-follow chicken coop plans by instructables. Not only will this small A frame chicken coop design house your backyard chickens, but it will add a design element to your backyard too.

Gothic Chicken Ark
Gothic Chicken Ark, image via: instructables

22- Deluxe A frame chicken coop

Here is a small and inexpensive A frame chicken coop by ana-white that will house 2-4 chickens safely and comfortably. This A-frame coop is small enough to be moved around the yard so the chickens can have a fresh spot to scratch in each day.

Deluxe A frame chicken coop
Budget Friendly Deluxe A frame Hen Coop Design, image via: ana-white

23- Protected A Frame Chicken Coop

This is a perfect A frame chicken coop for backyard chickens on youtube that spend their days roaming freely, but need a protected coop at night. These hen house plans include a secure floor for the coop so predators can’t dig their way under during the night.

Pros Of An A-Frame Chicken Coop

  • A-frames are easy to build. These are the easiest DIY design to build and requires minimal carpentry skills.
  • Can be built quickly. An A-frame chicken coop can be built in just a few hours so your flock can have a safe and secure place to live.
  • Cheap to build. Almost any type of leftover or recycled building materials can be used to build an A-frame chicken coop. Plywood, roofing materials, metal, screen wire, PVC pipes, etc., can be used for this easy DIY project.
  • Easy to move. Most people put wheels on the bottom of their A-frame chicken coops so they can be moved easily. Moving the chicken coop each day allows to chicken to forage in fresh grass for bugs and worms. Even if you don’t put wheels on the bottom to create an A-frame chicken tractor, a small A-frame coop is easy to drag a few feet over to fresh grass each day.
  • Easy to clean. By moving a A-frame chicken coop each day you will eliminate the need to clean out the chicken coop. As the hens free-range within the safety of their coop, they will make their deposits into the soil. You move the coop the next day and leave all the mess behind to fertilize the soil naturally.

Cons Of An A-Frame Chicken Coop

  • No Roosting Bars. The A-frame design, especially the smaller sizes, makes it challenging to find a good location to place a roosting bar. Chickens need to be up off the grass at night and will become stressed without the ability to do so.
  • No Room For Nesting Box. Hens need nesting boxes that make them feel secure or they will not lay eggs. An A-frame can be modified and enclosed at one end to accommodate a small box for the hen to nest in.
  • Getting The Ventilation Right Can Be Tricky. The A-frame design can be too drafty or not drafty enough. Leaving both ends of the A-frame open can make the coop too drafty during the night and the hens may freeze to death. Enclosing both ends of the A-frame may cause the coop to hold too much and cause the end to become over-heated during the day.
  • Difficult To Keep Out Predators. It’s easy for small burrowing predators to dig under the bottom of an A-frame coop. Large predators can tip over the coop.
  • Potential Harm To Chickens. Moving the coop daily to fresh grass is ideal, however, it’s also easy to harm a chicken during the daily move. If a leg, wing, or body gets under the back of the tractor while you’re dragging it, the hen could be seriously injured or killed.

Summing Up

frame chicken coop helps you to move coop from one place to another so your hens have fresh grass every day. Pasture raised chickens benefit you in terms of organic eggs. These coops are suitable for keepeing a small flock of chickens, easy to move and maintain.

So these are A frame chicken coops that we have shared with you, select any of them depending upon your needs. Hope this article has helped you to decide which chicken coop best suits your needs. We also would like to hear about the coop design you are going to make in the comment section!

Based upon the frequently asked questions We have prepared a questionnaire below.


  • How big should my chicken coop be? That will depend on the size of the flock. It should be large enough to accommodate a roosting bar that will provide space for each hen.
  • Do I need to add 2 wheels or 4 to an A-frame chicken coop tractor? A small one can be moved with 2 wheels but a heavier one will need 4 wheels to make it easy to move around.
  • Can I use treated lumber to build a chicken coop? Never use treated lumber or any type of wood that has been exposed to chemicals. It could make your flock sick
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