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Caring and Raising Ducklings

Are you contemplating about raising these cute little darlings or how to take care of ducks? At times of the Easter Season, these ducklings do find their way into the beautiful gift baskets. For the purpose of caring and raising ducklings, you should always have all sorts of  information about ducks. In comparison to other birds, the ducklings are relatively inexpensive to bring up. Moreover, they can survive easily for a period of 20 years, but with proper caring for a duck and feeding. So, for taking care of ducks or raising a duckling below are some points that you need to ponder.

1. Try not to raise these ducks as house pets. This is because of their habitat that belongs to the open settings and not in the home based environments. You might feel happy in keeping them in your home, but what about the well being and happiness of the ducks. So, if you prefer not be cruel with these darlings, then it is imperative to raise them in the settings to which they rightfully belong.

pet ducks

2. An important personality trait of the pet ducks is their socialization. In other words, their growth is best guaranteed in the presence of other ducks. Moreover, they usually do not fight each other, which is another reason for which keeping them with other ducks is recommended. On the other hand, if you bring them up in isolation, then it is likely that they won’t survive.

ducks as a social animals

3. Make proper arrangements for fulfilling the needs of these animals. In addition to fulfilling their basic needs, you also need to give them with the life which they deserve.

4. In opposition to some misconceptions, ducks are quite intelligent and can respond to your commands. They are capable to play with toys, children and are also able to play a number of games. If they are handled with care and affection from the very start, then it is likely that they are going to become sociable with humans. The element of interaction is the key to raising ducks.

ducks with children

5. The backyard ducks do not demand an open pond or area for swimming. Furthermore, you should also not worry about the odor they give off, as it is quite pleasant in comparison to the chickens.

6. In terms of determining the sex of the ducklings, firstly you need look at their secondary characteristics. For example, the males are marked for having green heads in comparison to the females that lack this feature. For the sake of sexing, you can also consider the voicing style of the domestic ducks which becomes evident as soon as get about 6 weeks old.

male and female ducks

7. For the first few weeks, ducklings need to be kept warm and dry. For this purpose, you should make use of a box or a cage. The temperature of the place should be about 30 Degree C. You can also make use of a light bulb for the sake of heating.

8. Try to keep them away from the water, especially when they are alone. It is because they might become chilled and might also drown at times when the water is too deep.

9. In the winter season, you can let them wander outside if they have enough feathers over their body. These feathers appear at about 4 to 5 weeks after their birth. But in times of extremely cold temperatures, it is better to keep them inside.

Duck Feathers

10. Their shelter should have proper ventilation and area, keeping in view the number of ducklings that are to be accommodated in it. Moreover, the house should also be bedded with sufficient wood shavings and other necessary materials.

11. In terms of feeding ducks, the young ducklings should be fed with started food for baby ducks. For those who are about 3 to 7 weeks, the grower food for ducks might be brought to use. It is also recommended to use some Grit close to them, so that they might use for grinding the food when required. Ducklings care should always be your top most priority. The same applies to the use of water for ducks.

12. In order to deal with the major issue of feces, it is best to make use of a proper diapering system. The diapers used should be changed after a period of 4 hours. But at the time of diapering, you should keep in mind that they should not interfere with their swimming needs. Nonetheless, you should also make all possible arrangements for cleanliness and minimizing the spread of diseases.

duck diapers

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