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Current Economic/Market Analysis Of Pakistan Poultry Industry

Overview of Pakistan Poultry

Poultry is an integral component of Pakistan’s economy. The Poultry contribution of GDP in Pakistan is nearly 1.1 % and is nearly 4.8 % in terms of the agricultural GDP. Furthermore, the sector also comes to employ nearly 1.5 million people. The poultry meat is still one of the cheapest means for the people to get some animal proteins. It is a fact that the agricultural and livestock growth in Pakistan owe a great deal to the poultry sector. It is due to its potential for future growth that a number of foreigners are now seeing several investment opportunities in the poultry/meat sector of Pakistan. In order to have an overview of the sector there are a number of factors and constituents which should be addressed.

The Export Potential in Poultry Sector of Pakistan

The poultry sector of Pakistan is indeed one of the most vibrant of them all. You might have heard the news stating that US considers Pakistan one of the top rivals when it comes the poultry sector and the potential of future output in terms of export. Unfortunately, since the times of the great depression which started a few years back, there is a slump in the Pakistani poultry sector. The government should offer various subsidies to the people who have some investment in the sector and on various products so that the output may be increased in order to be used for various export purposes.

Current Challenges to Pakistan Poultry Sector

The major challenge faced by the sector is the need for collaboration of the academia with the poultry industry. In other words, people from both of the fields should sit together and discuss the various issues and how these problems can be addressed for the better of the both as well as the whole country. In order to increase the quality of the poultry meat, the government should offer the farmers and the farm house owners with a lot of capital and loans, so that they might be encouraged to work even harder. The idea here is to provide the domesticated animals, birds and breeders with rich nutrients, so that the quality of meat and eggs can be improved. Furthermore, this strategy would also help in the production of the disease free meat.

Banning on Poultry Export to Afghanistan

Based on the present Market Analysis of Pakistani Poultry, the ban which was imposed by the Peshawar High Court on the export of poultry products to Afghanistan has yielded a number of negative consequences on the earnings of the farmers who are now forced to sale the meat and other products at very low rates. There are more than 25000 poultry farms which depended mostly on the profits made on the sales of poultry to Afghanistan and within the whole country, but due to the restrictions imposed by the court, a panic is more than evident. In simple, the farmers are facing a loss of nearly 10 to 20 per kg bearing a cost of RS110 per kg by selling the meat at current market prices of 80 to 90 per kg. Things are getting more complex with the initiatives taken by Sabir Poultry, Hi-Tech and Big Bird which have some large investments for the installation of various meat processing programs with the intent of getting a fair prize by exporting meat to various countries. It is clear that this initiative is going to effectuate the prizes of the chicken and all other forms of poultry meat which is produced in Pakistan.

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  1. well i have commented before, here i would ask you that if i step in this field after getting complete knowledge and studying each and everything, then can u pls let me knw that will it be a good decision, becoz the initial investment is too big, but after having the look at the profit rate, i think the entire investment is returned with in a span of 2-3 years….m i ryt????

    • well,several factors are considered in addition to investment and knowledge of poultry and among those market situation and sustainability is very important,from few years the farmers are not getting fair price for their products due to slow pace in economy,every business have its pros and cons and it takes time to generate profit initially,i suggest u to start poultry farm with some experience person who have knowledge of market

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