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Feed industry the crisis just begun – China Clasp The envelopes – Poly Mailer Manufacturer

the feed industry in Guangdong Province makes satisfying accomplishments within the forefront of production still the provinces. But there’s lots of problems, because the South China Farming College, Connect Dean of 10,000 Junyi economic management pointed out within the forum, the present domestic farming Enterprise Proper Management and Business Vision dislocation is unknown, as feet watermelon rind , where operator which slide. If you don’t address these problems, the of transforming progress.ss.

Forum and feed the annual meeting from the South’s rural areas reported the status from the feed industry, problems, and also the development direction from the content released to ensure that you some reference.

Industrial structure is becoming more sensible

Zhang Air: 2009 industrial output in Guangdong Province feed a stable rise in the adjustment of structural stability, product quality continues to be continuously enhanced, the power of escalation.

Feed Association, statistically, Guangdong Province, is anticipated to give the province’s industrial output in ’09 arrived at 17.5 million tons, a rise of 6.80% over the year before. Which 16.82 million tons using the feed, Bi Zeng 6.56% concentrated feed 274,000 tons, lower 1.4% additive premix 495,000 tons, Bi Zeng 25.86% using the enter the province centered through the feed industry for several years maintained about 97% share. Meanwhile, the size of Cultivation Process, the premix for quite some time maintained a double-digit growth.

In the product structure, except eggs Wild birds Materials, the development keeps growing every year. Among Pig Expected the biggest increase, up 17.93 percent. One pig feed 5.18 million tons, up 17.93 percent over the year before chicken feed 7.25 million tons, 3.51% Bi Zeng Egg and Chicken feed 1.31 million tons, lower 8.2% Fisheries Expected 3.17 million tons, Bi Zeng 13.03%. Searching lengthy-term, animals and chicken items poor consumer habits, pigs, chicken feed, the overwhelming share of lengthy-term hold. Meanwhile, with the amount of the past few years, the continual improvement of aquaculture and marine material will keep a higher rate of growth.

Output to develop simultaneously, the standard of feed items are also enhanced continuously. 2009, sampling of feed items in Guangdong to attain a pass rate of 92.5% -97.7%, maintaining charge within the national level.

A brand new round within the feed industry, the rapid rise in our province and also the feed industry grouping substantially faster the interest rate of industrialization. Large feed companies and industrial businesses according to their technology, management, procurement, financial and brand advantages, the opportunity to resist risks are reflected, because the leader in the industry within the foundation.

Immobilization Behavior: total manufacture of large, fast growth and development of feed industry in Guangdong Province, the qualities, production and cost for many consecutive years in america. Industrial structure is moving towards an acceptable amount of scale with the rise in breeding, feed industry, the amount of diet science and also the progress from the preparation process, in addition to food safety needs around the allocation of social role in marketing using feed, feed will dominate. Overall, seafood, pig feed and chicken feed as the number of production must constantly change making it more sensible to satisfy the development needs. Now within our province have created a complete cost of animals and chicken feed because the primary body, marine feed, feed consumption pattern of rapid growth.

Progressively expand the size. By 2008 statistics, the province’s creation of 300,000 tons a lot more than feed you use 10 businesses, the province’s output in excess of 100,000 tons feed greater than a total of 44 businesses, production and purchasers together, 10.8277 million tons, comprising the province’s total feed 65.79%. The greater how much the size, breeding the higher the interest in feed, consequently, can promote the introduction of aquaculture feed development, nations are increasingly being implemented standardized production, especially pigs, the greater the amount of large-scale production, feed the introduction of space greater.

Industry crisis has not bottomed out

Immobilization Behavior: low-level persistence from the vicious competition, low levels of competition are relatively homogeneous generally. Even without the brand, brand and also the situation of high-finish items, which in turn causes the price of the neglect from the formulation of it’s type quality, environment protection and worker benefits, as well as make use of the Large Dipper cost, credit and marketing tools for example false advertising, harm the marketplace atmosphere.

Recycleables base lagged behind. Corn, for instance, watch for traders feed businesses within our province shipped for your door through the province paid for for 70% from the total corn supply over almost completely medium and small businesses. Wen’s just the ocean along with a couple of large companies with self-storage and transportation of recycleables base and resolve way to obtain recycleables.

Additionally, the standard and safety remain hidden. For many businesses, mainly how to locate materials related problems, some companies, even some large businesses, inspection and analysis backward, grabbed laboratory equipment and rudimentary, and the possible lack of rapid testing techniques.

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