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Global Challenges Facing by Today’s Poultry Industry 2012

Every poultry farm in the world now has its special risk profile. This profile indicates the chances of risks for the spread of various pathogens and diseases to all other farms located very close to it. In order to reduce these risks, the farm owners should take some innovative measures and steps in order to lower the risks and their intensity in damaging the quality of the poultry products. These challenges can be classified into two categories.

1)      Economic and Environmental Challenges

2)      Political Challenges

Regulations of Animal Welfare

Due to a number of animal welfare rules and regulations, evaluation of nutrition products, domesticated animals housing environment, problems in feeding and a number of other relevant issues have posed a number of challenges for the future of the poultry sector. One of the most influenced of them all is the chicken sector that faces some of the major challenges in the present times.

Imbalance in Demand and Supply

The increase in the demand for the various animal products and the needs of poultry farmers, have raised a number of question marks for the poultry farming industry all of which should be dealt with some extreme care.

Demographic and Technical Issues

There are several demographic, scientific and technical factors behind the rise of these issues and problems linked to the poultry business. In this time, the traceability of all the various poultry products should be kept in mind by all the people who are in one way or the other, linked to the poultry sector.

Nutrition Related Issues and Their Solution

Now this is going to be requires a very safe and selection of some of the best input suppliers while keeping the element of quality and animal wellbeing intact, especially in chicken farming.


Furthermore, a constant monitoring of the health status of the flocks would also be required which is indeed the key to the expansions and development of the poultry sector. Yes, a number of steps have been taken by the US Government in order to ensure the health of all the domesticated animals, but they are not enough to meet all the challenges faced by the poultry producers.


Implementation of Standards

The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations has now ordered and designed some new production systems, each of which follows some of the best biosecurity measures. The levels of risks vary from farm to farm and from country to country. The countries which are most likely to face a downfall in the sector are India, Pakistan and other third world countries. The reason for this is the poor farming practices and the use of no standard biosecurity measures. Most of you might be aware of the fact that the animal welfare is now being given the most attention in the European Union. The same also holds for the animal welfare standards which are the highest in EU in comparison to the rest of the world.

The need for Collaboration and Healthy Farming Practices

But in order to ensure the development of the sector, all the countries must work in close collaboration with each other, as they are all necessary for the survival for one another. The poultry products from Asia complement the ones coming from the rest of the world. Introduction of standards in all countries, setting up new regulations and practices is one of the solutions to meet these challenges.


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