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5 World’s Leading Poultry Producers 2012

When it comes to the poultry industry, then there are a few countries that have always been in the lead like United States, Brazil, China and other Asian Countries, but now a shift in this trend is quite visible. In the year 2012, there is an expected 2 % percent expansion which is going to be seen in the domains of meat production. The most significant amount of production was expected to come from the Asian countries like China, Russia and India. According to the views and researchers conducted by the top poultry analysts, the poultry sector is going to increase at a pace of 5 % on an annual basis. This increase is still not enough to meet the growing demands of the world for the poultry meat, eggs and other relevant products. In terms of the overall capital growth, some major changes might also be seen.  According to the reports published by poultry international digital, this year is going to be the best for The United States of America. The broiler meat production in the United States alone is more than 40 billion pounds till now.

Top 5 Poultry Producing Countries

On the basis of some reliable sources, the present top poultry producing countries are China, United States, Brazil, Russia and India. Through the course of the past history, now it would be quite visible to you that how the production of the countries have changed over the years, the reasons for which can be numerous and multifaceted. It may not come as much of a surprise to you, that the United States and China are the largest chicken producers in the world. But an important thing to ponder here is the fact that the top 4 largest poultry companies of the world are in the United States and the fifth one in Germany.

Leading Poultry Companies

When it comes to the leading and top poultry producers in the world, then United States seems to be in the lead. Below are some of the leading poultry companies.

1)      Tyson Foods Inc.

Located in Springdale, Arkansas and with revenue of US $ 8.89 billion, Tyson Foods Inc. is in the lead. The production rate of the company is nearly 37.4 million birds on a weekly basis. The company now owns 34 slaughter houses. Tyson Foods are also the largest chicken producers in the world. There are nearly 115,000 employees working for the company. The company also boasts of having 36 hatcheries for the purpose of egg production.

2)      Pilgrim’s Corp

This company is located in the region of Colorado and is currently on the second number when it comes to the leading poultry producing companies in the United States and in the world. This is because no other companies in the world are even near to the production capacities and profits of the American companies. The company presently makes use of 30 slaughter plants and feeds nearly 41,000 employees. These top 2 companies are the major chicken producers in the world. They have nearly 41 hatcheries producing 48 million eggs weekly.

3)      Perdue Farms Inc.

The headquarters of the company is located in Salisbury, Maryland. The current revenues of the company are estimated to cross the US $ 5 billion mark. The chief products of the company are chicken and turkey. On a weekly basis, the production pace of the company is nearly 12.4 million birds. With nearly 20,412 employees working for them in 10 slaughter plants, the company is now all set to increase the production pace as much as possible.

4)      Koch Foods Inc.

The company is located in Chicago and is known to be one of the major poultry suppliers of the state and an important contributor in the US poultry. There are nearly 12,500 employees working for the company, thus giving a production rate of 9.5 million birds on a weekly basis. The egg production rate is nearly 12 million eggs on a weekly basis.

5)      Gebruder Stolle

The specialty of the company is in the domain of chicken and turkey production. By making use of more than 23,000 employees the company’s production rate is more than 160 million birds on an annual basis. More than 90 % of the products produced by the company are sold in Germany while the remaining is used for various export purposes. The company is now looking to expand the production pace due to the increase in the demands for the poultry all over the world.

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