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Green Roof Chicken Coop Plans

The living green roof is more like a structure having an over parking, which is used primarily for management of environmental problems that may arise from time to time. Raising chickens in the backyard is not something new to humanity. It is one of the top growing trends in the urban as well as rural areas. The reason for this might be the profits linked to the sector. Having a normal or a green chicken coop may not be conducive for you at all times, as the normal chicken coop designs come to undermine a number of environmental effectuations in raising backyard chicken. These environmental effects may cause a great deal of damage to the health of the domesticated animals. Furthermore, there are also high chances that the animals might also be exposed to a number of diseases in making use of the normal or poorly made chicken coops. Not to panic, as there are a number of green roof chicken coop plans and chicken coop ideas that provide the solution to all your problems.

green roof chicken

Benefits of Green Roof

Using a green roof is one of the best decisions you are ever going to take for the domestication of the animals. It comes to provide a more breathing space in general and also helps in transforming the entire dull space into something more appealing. Furthermore, it also empowers you to make use of some weather hardy and durable plants of your own choice and also the ones that are advantageous for the health of the animals at all times. They also come to offer thermal insulation for the domesticated animals that are to be kept beneath them. In addition to this, they also come in handy in reducing the effectuations of the urban heat that may have a negative impact over the health of the animals. Every now and then you might have heard that most of the animals kept in the poultry setting die all because of the use of some poor roofs. Here comes the question of how to build a green roof and the top chicken coop designs.

benefits of green roof

Steps in Building a Green Roof and Materials Needed

First of all build the upper portion with some wood retaining edge so that it may hold the plants and animals in place. You can vary the size and height of the edges depending upon the weather and the materials you make us of. You can also secure the corners by using L Brackets which are designed for the purpose of being used in making green roofs. Secondly, spread out the entire weather proof membrane directly on the inside of the roof. Furthermore, make use of some equal portions of sand, gravel and other materials for adding the recommended depth for being used in drainage and related purposes. Also make use of some mulch with the soil for the plants. It is best here that you make use of the plants that can grow best in this setting. Now here it is crucial to note that the roofs having even the slightest of slant might come to facilitate the collection of water. This collection of water can really cause a big problem for the entire structure.

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Cost Estimate

The costs for building such a roof might vary depending upon the cost of the materials, the payment to be made to the lumbers and also on a number of other factors. If you make use of the materials with the highest levels of quality for a cool chicken coop, then the rough estimate might come to be around $ 400 to $ 500. “But here you can also make use of the green wood which would be useful in lowering down the costs. There are also a number of chicken coop plans which can be used all of which depend on the number of birds to be kept, environmental factors and personal finance are shaping up for such a project.”

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