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types of best/ideal poultry feeding systems and Top suppliers

Poultry Feeding System Overview

In the past few years, a dramatic change has been seen in the use of poultry feeding systems and the nutrients used in carrying out the process. This development can be seen resulting from the increase in the demand of materials and foods that are used at the poultry farms. Every guide to the poultry feeding system makes use numerous integrating poultry feeding programs and techniques that come to guarantee the most optimum results. A great deal of importance should be paid to the use of various mechanisms and programs in the feeding systems, as they come to determine the levels of profit you can generate from the investment you have made in making the poultry farm. The various types of systems that are now being used include automatic pan feeders, chain feeders, round and hanging tube feeders each of which depend on the number of animals and birds you have on the farm. When it comes to the list of poultry feeders, suppliers and equipment, then China, Denmark, America and some other third world countries lead all others. Let us now have a look at the functions performed by the various feeding systems. It is now more than obvious that the feeding systems are of extreme importance and should be given due priority at all times.

Feeding Systems

Automatic pan feeder

Automatic pan feeders are one of the most reliable when it comes to broiler and animal domestication and rearing. Knowledge about these feeding systems is of crucial importance, especially when you plan to have thousands of birds and animals on the farm. These feeders might include feed hopper, champion and integrated feed chain systems and various automatic feed scales all of which are designed to reduce the human effort and to ensure that all the animals are fed properly and adequately.

Chain feeding systems

Chain feeding systems are also used for floor and layer management. The prime function of the chain feeder system is to provide the powdered poultry feed from the external feed directly into the poultry house in a balanced and pre-determined amount.

round and hanging tube feeders

In terms of the round and hanging tube feeders, the levels of efficiency and the element of even distribution is reduced, thus it is not the ideal feeding system, but can be used for a number of purposes.  The automatic systems in contrast function under the control of a number of switches and devices each of which has a specific function to perform. Keeping in view the functions of the systems, the breeder must be a person who has some experience in working and dealing these machines and devices. The best and most effective feeding system program is the one which feeds a controlled and balanced amount of nutrition to the birds and animals. Furthermore, it is always useful to hire a professional animal nutritionist who has some adequate knowledge about all the dietary nutrition requirements which must be met at all times.

Best Suppliers and Vendors

As mentioned above, China and United States are one of the top countries when it comes to the feeding system suppliers and vendors. Here is the list of some of the companies which are known for the kind and quality of systems they manufacture and export.

1)    Chore-Time Feeding Systems


2)    Cumberland-Complete Poultry Systems


3)    Cablevey Poultry Feeding Systems


4)    Jinan Lionpower Poultry Feeding Systems


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