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Enviromently control poultry farm Ventilation Systems for Broiler, Layer, Breeders and Top Suppliers

Ventilation is something which is of extreme importance for the poultry houses. What you must understand is the fact that poultry system requirements change from time to time depending upon the changes in weather and all other conditions. Most of the systems involved in ventilation make use of a number of interlocked fans and heating mechanisms designed to keep the temperate at a constant level. Furthermore, the elements of animal age and density also come to effectuate these requirements. The ventilation process can be seen in a number of different forms depending upon the use of devices. Some of the systems are powered from the room, while others may be placed outside the farm house, with pipes taking the required air inside. The farm houses can also be ventilated in a longitudinal way through the use of special tunnel pipes, designed specifically for the purpose of a balanced air distribution.

Tunnel Ventilation

These systems make use of large belt driven fans designed for the purpose of being fitted into the falls. The air is taken in from the inlets and then distributed according to the requirement of the floor. In other words, the floor area is given due importance when it comes to the distribution of air for the animals. Another important thing about making use of these fans is the fact that they can be brought to some good use in summer as well as winter. The type of system to be used for the farm house depends primarily on the number of birds to be accommodated for the farm. For example, a 30000-45000-60000 bird capacity farm house would make use of a number of different ventilation systems.

Importance of Ventilation

The ventilation is of great importance for the health of the domesticated animals, especially when it comes to maintaining the environment of the farm house. The prime objective for which the farm house owners make such huge investments in the ventilation system is to ensure that all the animals are brought up in fresh air. Furthermore, the animals brought up in the poultry setting require a much greater amount of air than the rest of the animals. This is because they do not sweat at all times, so the only way for them to create a reduction in their body temperature is to via breathing. They use all the oxygen available to them quickly from the ventilation systems and also come to give off some large amounts of carbon dioxide. At times when you are just building the farm and see that there not enough ventilation for the animals, so it is imperative that you make use of the maximum number of windows and air inlets so that the birds may receive the maximum levels of oxygen. Here it must be also kept in mind that some large amounts of heat would also be released from the process of respiration, so you should make use of a number of cooling systems in the times of summer. Another important thing to consider is why it is necessary to have negative pressure in  the house? the answer is that to increase the velocity of air in the house by way of some variant combination of automatic exhaust fans  which turning on and off according to temperature requirement in the house. So, the importance of a perfect ventilation system for an environmentally controlled shed is more substantiated now.

Most of the alpha class farms in the world make use of special devices and mechanisms directed to the removal of various organisms that can come to cause a disease. The cooling evaporation systems being used make use various state of the art technologies and measures directed to a fast and efficient cooling mechanism which remains functioning for a long time to come. Always try to ensure that the temperature is maintained around 23 degree centigrade. Any slight deviations from this temperature can cause a great deal of problems in the animals. In other words, excessive temperatures can really come to cause a number of diseases in the animal’s .For this purpose we have thermometer in the house to monitor temperature.

The arrangement of the exhaust fans should also be done in a way that the same amount of air enters and leaves the farm house. In other words, the amount heat and carbon dioxide released should be taken out of the farm house through the use of some controlled mechanisms and systems. Now in using such a large number of devices and machines there comes another problem i.e. the chances of a short circuit are many. In order to avoid this problem, the best thing to do is to make use of automatic switch breaker .Another important thing to consider is to have backup facilities just like standby generator which works with automatic transfer switches to make sure of continuous power supply in the house.

It is now clear that making a farm house is not an easy thing and not everyone can afford to have a farm. The estimated cost price for having such a farm house with an advanced ventilation system may go in millions. The price can indeed vary depending on the type and quality of equipment which is to be used. In order to ensure that everything goes right, you must make use of the most ideal heating and ventilation systems.

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