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Poultry Processing Equipments and suppliers

In the past 40 years, a number of technologies and techniques have been introduced into the domain of poultry processing equipment. The products obtained from the processing are targeted for sales in a number of markets and settings all around the world. The increase in the poultry processing equipment companies and suppliers is based on the technical capabilities, market demand and the overall economic scenario. The market demands in the present times are highly variable, as they are based on the ethnic and religious settings of a particular area. Poultry processing makes use of a number of devices and machines, the details of which are mentioned below. The equipment includes slaughter equipment, chicken plucking equipment, poultry slaughtering and various machines for chicken processing.

Poultry Plucker

Pluckers are used to pluck off the feathers off any bird. There are varying types of pluckers and machines that are now available in the market. The prices of these machines vary on the basis of their performance e.g. the deluxe plucker is able to pluck off the feathers from a chicken in a matter of 30 seconds. Same is the case with tabletop plucker which makes use of an efficient torque to complete the plucking process in a more agile way.


Poultry Scalders

This machine is used to scald ducks, chickens and all other animals which are used in the farm house setting. It makes use of a number of temperature control mechanisms and devices designed to complete the process quickly. All these machines ensure that the picking comes in quite easy and more quickly. Some of the best poultry slaughtering machine suppliers offer these machines at quite expensive rates, but these machines are in fact quite useful for keeping the quality of processing intact and top notch.

Poultry Cutter and De-feathering Machines

These machines are used to wither off the feathers and then process the meat in its best form. For cutting the chicken and turkey meat, a number of different devices are used depending on the meat to be processed. The meat that is obtained after the procedure is completed is then sent forward to the next phase of the manufacturing process. Not to forget that the machines vary in their capacity for cutting the animals simultaneously.

Killing Cone and Drum Plucker

The Poultry killing cones are used to dispatch a chicken or a flock of chicken in a various forms. For this purpose, the cone is designed by making use of a container that is open at both ends. The top end is more open and large so that a chicken or any other farm animal can be inserted into it. After the chicken is killed, the neck and other parts from the body of the chicken protrude to the bottom end. The Drum Plucker on the other hand is more of an automated nature which is sued for stunned and all other scaled chickens. The use of these pluckers is indeed vital when it comes to professional poultry meat processing.

Poultry Processing Bags

After the initial phases have been completed, the meat and all other food items are finally conserved in the poultry processing bags. The use of the best quality bags indeed comes to effectuate the sales of the meat. Always prefer to make use of the durable and strong processing bags, manufactured by the best companies and suppliers in the market.

 Top 5 poultry processing equipments suppliers

1) Alibaba Poultry Processing Equipments

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2) Cornerstone Poultry Processing Equipments

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3) Stormberg’s Poultry Processing Equipments

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4) Featherman Poultry Processing Equipments

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5) Marel Poultry Processing Equipments

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