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A Guide To Poultry Processing Plants -Top 5 Suppliers

Poultry processing makes use of a number of processing plants and equipment. The poultry dressing plants vary in their limits and types depending on the particular class of domesticated animals to be processed in them. The larger sized broiler processing plants process chickens and other related animals at a high rate of 10000 on an hourly basis, which goes to nearly 1 million or more on a weekly basis. In comparison to the larger ones, the smaller plants make use of some limited devices and equipment which are sufficient for processing a smaller amount of birds. Chicken slaughtering is just a part of the many steps that are involved in the poultry slaughtering process. Here are some of the units involved in the slaughtering chicken process.

Conveyorized Poultry Dressing /Slaughter Plant

The slaughter plants are the units in which the animals are slaughtered and prepared for the first steps in the meat manufacturing process. The plant is also referred to as the chicken slaughtering machine. They are found all over the world with the largest one being located in North Carolina.

Live Bird Handling

The efficiency of the poultry processing is determined by the live bird handling system. All the processes that take place in the broiler house are all regarded as the part of the live bird handling processes and mechanisms. Killing and de-feathering of the chickens, turkeys, and all other animals is also done in the plants by making use of poultry pluckers and scalders. It is followed by the cut-up, deboning and slicing processes in which the meat is cut down into several parts according to the requirements of the consumers and the markets.

Evisceration, Chilling, Grading and Distribution

The next step in the poultry slaughtering is evisceration which involves the removal of some of the vital organs from the animal’s body. These parts are then conserved through the process of chilling which is also important for long term storage of the meat. In addition, the processes of meat grading ensure that the quality of output is maintained and that the consumers always get the best quality. The distribution follows on after all the initial processes have been done.

Meat Harvesting

The process of meat harvesting involves the transportation of the meat from the place of origin to the abattoir which is followed by stunning and the slaughtering phases. The process of chilling, packaging of the meat and all the related products is one of the last steps of the manufacturing processes. The processes of stunning is intended to knock out the animal unconscious before killing the animal. In almost all of the countries, these processes are manufactured and analyzed by the health inspectors from time to time in order to maintain the quality of the meat that reaches the market. Furthermore, they also monitor the equipment which is used in the manufacturing process in order to ensure that all of the devices and processes are in close compliance with the set hygiene standards.

Marinating and Tumbling

Both of these processes are involved in seasoning the meat for the days that are going to follow. The prime reason for marinating and tumbling the meat is to give a more desirable taste to the meat and for the removal of any undesirable odor coming from the meat. A number of injections systems are used to inject marinade into the meat, especially into all the stronger parts. Then it is followed by the tumbling phases which are designed to remove any remaining salts and soluble proteins which gather at the surface of the meat. Tumbler massagers and devices are used for carrying out the job by creating some mechanical agitation over the meat.

Cooling and Freezing

Cooling and freezing are done by making use of some standard temperature and materials like liquid nitrogen with the purpose of conserving the meat. These processes are essential for keeping the meat flawless and ever tasty.

End of Line Packaging

The end of line processing and packaging system is directed towards the completion of the packing process and to give a final presentation to the packed meat. The meat is weighed before and after the packaging process due to a number of reasons relating to profits and sales.

Internal Logistics

The internal logistics serve as an essential component of the entire supply chain. It is one of the core components of all the profitable enterprises. The mechanism also ensures that all the steps and processes are performed in an integrated manner with a strong coordination between the manufacturer and the retail outlets.

Use of Meat Processing Software

The meat processing and distribution software have been designed for facilitating the poultry processing plants and manufacturers to keep track of the products and for a number of other sales and safety measures. By making use of these systems, the companies are better able to manage all their inventories.

Top 5 poultry processing plants suppliers

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