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Raising Quail in the urban environment- Guide for quail pen and breeds

Raising chickens in the backyard of your home has always attracted many people. People who get retired or are very much in backyard chicken farming and adopt this as a hobby. Some even do this for getting fresh eggs for their breakfast. But this practice has raised some issues as well. Cases were reported in many different regions that people had started complaining in against those houses that were raising chickens in their backyards. The reason was the noise they use to make and even sometimes get into neighbors houses UN-invited. As a result of this, urban chicken keeping laws were formulated so as to keep the environment safe and peaceful. This resulted in making handicap to many chicken lovers. But life is not over yet. Still you can fulfill your desire of raising some birds and having fresh eggs in your breakfast. This can be done by raising quail. Quail’s have almost the same living habits as chickens have besides the fact that quails are much quieter as compared to chickens.

 Why quails

Besides being a silent creature, what else benefit quails can give that may encourage a chicken lover to plan to raise backyard quail instead of chickens. Currently, there are no such municipal limitations in keeping quails at the backyard of your home. This makes it easy in raising quail. Quails don’t need a larger space to live as compared to chickens. This is because quails are smaller in size than chickens but this does not effects on the eggs given by them. Quails lay high-quality eggs which are full of nutrition’s. Housing for quail is also quite easy as compared to chickens. If you had chickens in your backyard and now you are planning to have quails, so you can keep quails in your urban chicken coop without any hesitation.

 Coop or pen for your quail

Now after finally deciding the city farming of quail, it’s time to plan your quail coop. making coop or quail pen is not that hard. As mentioned earlier, if you had chicken coop, you can keep your quails in them. But having a separate quail coop would be much better. There are not much of very high requirements of keeping quails. A quail only requires about ½ sq ft of place on the floor. If you are planning to keep your quails indoor, than you should keep this in mind that quails require light. So you have to design your quail hutch accordingly. Now comes the bedding. The most effective bedding for quail is with fine wood shavings. Quails love to take bath in dust, so make sure you provide them dust in the wood shavings. One can opt to use wire mesh floor which has trays underneath as it allows the dropping to pass through but that trays must be regularly clean up. In case of bedding it should be overturned periodically. When feeding your quails, you can use a small pet bowl or a through feeder. Keeping the feeder outside the cage is more effective as it will help in saving some space within the quail cage and will also help in prevention of any contamination of feed by quails while messing with it. You can simply put some cuts out on the mesh so that quails could easily take their feed by bringing their heads. The width of the cute mesh should be 1.5” and 2” in height. This same procedure can be adopted for placing bowls of water for quails. It is advisable to not use pet bowls as they can bring any kind of unhygienic problems for quails.

For more information on quail housing you can download the following Quail Housing.doc

quail penbedding for quail

 Breeds of quail

Having quail in your backyard is sometimes just not enough. People also give specific priorities to some specific breeds of quail. Normally there are two breeds of quail that are more commonly raised. One is the coturnix quail while other is bobwhite quail. The Japanese quail that is more commonly known as coturnix quail is the bird found in East Asia. These quails are migratory species and breeds in southeastern Siberia, Manchurian, Korean peninsula and northern Japan. While they do wintering in southern china and south of Japan. This species is found in large quantity and can easily be raised as your backyard quails. These birds are usually raised for the purpose of production of egg and meat for families. While on the other hand, bobwhite quail are found in Mexico, U.S and Caribbean. These quails are the member of species generally known as New World quails. They are called bobwhite because of the characteristics of their whistling call. These quails feed on small bugs and plants. Their appearance is also a bit different to coturnix quail that has also attracted many people in raising bobwhite quails as their backyard quails.

bobwhite quail

 Now these breeds that are mentioned above are the perfect replacement for keeping chickens in your backyard if you are hampered by city chickens ordinance. Birds of these breeds get mature quickly and can be much productive as compared to chickens. Quails can easily adjust themselves more quickly in the urban environment as compared to chickens. For chickens, you have to make many necessary arrangements so that they could feel comfy like home in order to keep them as your backyard chickens but that is not the case for quails. Much less arrangements have to be done for quails to keep them in your backyard. This makes quails the best alternative for your backyard chickens. Getting the same desired output with less input that was being done in chicken case can only be obtained if you are planning to keep quails.

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