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10 Inspiring Urban Chicken Coop Designs For Happy Hens

Many people are growing tired of the mad rush of city life, and are moving to smaller towns, and by employing different methods and devices, they are figuring out different ways to raise their own food like fruit and vegetables as well as chickens and eggs. With raising backyard chickens , they are hoping to fare better from not having to depend entirely on other people for all the necessities of life and to this end they are able to download free chicken coop plans from the Internet to suit their specific needs. Of course there are many people who just love the idea of keeping chickens as pets.

Building your own coop needn’t be difficult, because apart from books and pamphlets, the Internet can offer 10 inspiring urban chicken coop ideas on raising backyard chickens in attractive coops and how it can be really economical to build.

1-Clucking Cool Coop

Clucking Cool ideas are great for people in urban and suburban backyards, and today’s selection of urban chicken coops can be as basic or sophisticated as you like. You will see how people turn old items into mobile urban hen coops. A search on the Internet will show how innovative designers create chicken coops made from recycled materials, turning them into real works of art that will satisfy any hen.

clucking cool urban chicken coop
by: Aimee Carpenter

2-The Mitchell Snyder’s coop

The Mitchell Snyder’s coop is an excellent idea for anyone who wants to give their hen the look of a modern home. This particular house is a prefab house, and also sports a rooftop garden for the hens to scratch around in. The well lit and ventilated coop will accommodate five chickens easily, and comes with a large run with mesh fencing.

mitchell sydner

3-Reclaimed Cedar Urban Coop

Reclaimed cedar coop is a fiberglass roof coop which is light enough to be moved around. Made from reclaimed cedar boards the urban chicken coop can include a mobile run where they can scratch in safety without threat from predators. There is also a large side door that allows eggs to be collected easily and to allow the coop to be cleaned.

reclaimed cedar coop

4- Kippen House Urban Chicken Coop

Kippen House also comes with a rooftop garden and this trendy coop has been architecturally designed. The modular urban chicken coop is modern and space saving and can be adapted to suit your setting.

kippen house

5-little barn

Some people like the idea of small all-purpose barn-type chicken coop. Little Barns, a typical traditional red barn in true farm style is handcrafted and made from fiberglass, making it easy to maintain.  The Little Barn is also lined with foam insulation to keep the chickens warm. The eggs are easily collected from side mounted nesting boxes. A chicken coop design like this one always keeps the habits of chickens in mind.

little barn

6-Mozambique design

Some designers have traveled to far off lands and they get their ideas from the nests that animals have built. The exquisite and eco-friendly Mozambique design is a unique all natural coop made from African bamboo.

Mozambique coop

7-Lyanda Haupt’s Urban Chicken Coop

Lyanda Haupt’s urban chicken coop at thetanglednest has been carefully designed with safety from wild animals in mind. This 6 x 4 coop is raised off the ground for this very reason. There is also a large door on the front part to allow for easy egg collecting and cleaning of the coop as well as to allow the chickens to move freely around. The well protected space under the coop allows the chickens to get their dose of fresh air.

Lyanda Haupt's coop

8-The Maurice Car Chicken Coop

The Maurice coop at landscapejuicenetwork is a great idea for anyone who wants something special and unique. Who would believe that an old car could be converted into an amazing chicken coop, and in this case it’s an old 1970 Morris Traveler. The front part was cut off, the inside fitted out to suit chickens and given a lick of paint to brighten things up a bit. With a bit a creativity and imagination, raising backyard chickens needn’t mean spending a lot of money.

Maurice coop

9- Catawba Urban Chicken Coop

Plans always explain what materials you will need. The Catawba Coop was designed so that you can easily flip up the sides to clean the coop, and the entire structure can be easily moved around because of its lightness. This A-frame coop allows the chickens to roost at the top, while the bottom part has been left open for the chickens to scratch around.

catawba converti coops

10-Aaron Bell and wife Corinne design

This Ikea home for chickens is made from bunk bed and is very economic to build.

ikea home for chickens

Wraping Up!

There are plenty of free chicken coop plans to download and these can be basic structures to ornate draft-free, ventilated coops which come complete with filtered water. The bottom line is that each person interested in urban chicken coops knows exactly what they will need for the area they stay in as well as the climate. It is a wise move to check out your city’s noise regulations and find out how many chickens you can keep in the trendy homes you provide for them.

Sanitation, no drafts and dryness are your most efficient weapons against disease with your chickens. Among 10 inspiring urban chicken coop designs, you have numerous choices for free chicken coop plans and Mother Nature Network’s fabulous range is easy to build, accurate, attractive and effective; making the perfect home for your feathered friends.

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