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8 free chicken coop plans made from recycled material

Chicken coops are the places where chicken lives and lay eggs. Not only this but nurturing of eggs and reproduction also takes place here. So these coops must be constructed keeping in view the optimum temperature conditions. Some of the recycled chicken coop designs we described below which provides with the best nurturing conditions.

1. Torn And Rebuilt Coop

Coops can be built up using recycled plastic chicken coop material like this one by backyardpoultry.iamcountryside. Barn can be used for the construction of coops’ walls and floor. Scraps of tins can also be used for making the roof. Plywood bottoms can be added if the tin seems rusted. Shelf supports can be screwed into the walls and branches for roosts. A can could be placed on the top of water container so that it can be prevented from roosting and can be kept clean.

torn ad rebuit coop
torn ad rebuit coop, Image via: backyardpoultry.iamcountryside.com

2. DIY Chicken coop

How to build a chicken coop like this by cagefreemom.wordpress? First of all we need to do is to make a rough outline of the coop. Prefer making frame using new material to make it sure that it is durable. Old fencing material can be used for making long walls. Window can be made on one wall of the coop and a small door can also be made inside for cleaning purposes.

Nesting boxes can be created on such a spot so that eggs can be collected from both the sides having two doors on each side. During raining, eggs can be collected easily without getting wet. This design will cost around $180 while those made up of new material costs up to $700. Plywood can also be used as filler which will also reduce the cost.

recycled chicken coop plan, Image via: cagefreemom.wordpress

One of the smallest renewed and easy chicken coop plans we have found is this design by sbs, which not only varies the materials according to the requirements, but also according to the budget of the owner and the time span for which a coop is required. For example, if a coop is required for a period of 12 months, then it might be easily made using pine or bamboo sticks as the support for the infrastructure and the mesh wire or a tin roof as covering.

But as the time period required increase the materials become more durable and temperature resistant. This coop can easily be made using chicken coop blueprint.


Yes ladies and gentlemen! Now you can even use your old table for building a chicken coop like this one by sbs for your chicken flock. The way you can use a renewed material is by using the table upside down; the top acting as the roof and the table legs acting as the support or the layout for the plywood sheets.

The plywood sheets in this chicken coop blueprint are hence used to make the walls of the coop design. The design can be made presentable using creative designs like making an A-line roof via foam board and painting the walls and roofs of the design.

COSTA’S COOP, Image via: sbs

An innovative idea of building a coop like this one by sbs with most minimum cost is TASMANIAN coop. this includes all the materials that are present in each and every home i.e. the roof off-cuts, PVC pipes that act as support, assembling wooden floors, a nesting box made of wood and mesh wire for making a verandah of chicken. A great accomplishment of this chicken coop design is that this layout manages the chicken’s waste well by providing an easy haul-out floor.

TASMANIAN COOP, Image via: sbs

Chicken coop can be built up from scratch like this one by imgur. This can be done mostly using recycled materials. Recycled wood can be used and paint can be picked up from different sites where waste is disposed of. Chicken wires and latches are the only things that had to be bought in this simple chicken coop plan.  Wire is buried approximately one foot down to refrain animals from killing the chickens.

Simple CHICKEN COOP, Image via: imgur
7. STEP BY STEP chicken coop

Chicken coop designs like this one by citygirlfarming can also be made using play structure. For this tear the play structure in pieces and line them. Construct a sloppy roof and put shingles on the roof top while it is still on the ground. Keep the length of the coop nearly 4’ and width also of 4’. Assemble the base framework. To make the construction easier put a momentary wall on the back.

Now install a window on the opposite side of this temporary wall. Then build a nesting box. Insulation can also be done using an insulation sheet which will cost you not more than $15. Now add the roof on the top and fix it. Double doors can be made and underside of the coop can be closed by cloth.

STEP BY STEP chicken coop
STEP BY STEP chicken coop, Image via: Citygirlfarming

Imagine situation where you can get all you require for a healthy chicken via number of free backyard chicken coop plans from the  poultry project site.Yes! This is possible as the sandwich coop design not only provides a resting place for chicken, but also the chicken run place as well as the storage area of food at the upper area of the roof.

It also helps in the nesting and roosting of the chicken by providing these separate areas in one coop. this coop design is a double story coop with lower compartment that is basically a creative utilization of the area which comes when big wheels are used to support the design. How creative the coop is, for it utilizes the lower area in a smart way by constructing a chicken run.

SANDWICH COOP, Image via: poultry project site
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