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Guide to Select a Right Breeds of Chickens For Backyard

At the time of launching a poultry farm you do have a wide array of choices to choose from. Chickens have been kept by humans for thousands of years now for a number of different purposes. Due to this domestication, a number of breeds of chicken have been resulted. In a similar way to animals that come in different types, the chicken breeds differ from one another in terms of their characteristics, about which you should be well aware. In other words, you should know about the specific characteristics of each chicken breed in order to have an idea about which types of chicken breeds would be best suited for your farm.

It is all by doing some research that you would be able to have an idea about the best chicken breeds for eggs and meat. When it comes to selecting the right backyard chicken breeds, the following are the breeds about which you should know.Here are some of the most preferred chicken breeds with pictures.

Plymouth Rock

In terms of the top ten chicken breeds, the first in line is the Plymouth Rock. Many years ago, this chicken breed used to be the most common in America. You can select this breed from a number of different options. One of the most common of them all is the black and barred ones. Moreover, these birds are of a calm and friendly nature, due to which they are best suited to being kept in any setting.


Rhode Island Breed

Next in line we have the Rhode Island Breed which is also very common and preferred among the backyard chicken farmers. They are available in two different types including Rhode Island Red and The Rhode Island White. It is their docile demeanour, which makes them one of the most preferred to farmers. Furthermore, it is also able to adapt very well to all forms of free range as well as combined settings. On a yearly basis, it is also able to lay around 300 eggs which are brown in colour. That’s not all, as it is also known to be the best chicken for laying brown colored eggs. The Rhode Island Breed is indeed one of the most famous egg laying chicken breeds.

rhode island

Light Sussex

 Another top chicken breed is the one known as The Sussex Breed. In addition to being present in a number of different types and colors, they are also quite adaptable to any environment. Moreover, it’s also their unique nature which makes them one of the most preferred among all the farmers. Their capacity to lay eggs on a yearly basis falls around 250, which is indeed quite good in comparison to the other different breeds of chicken that are found all over the world. Many farmers, especially the hobbyists love to keep this chicken breed at their homes for quite obvious reasons.

light sussex

Ameraucana Breed

Now moving on, we have another popular breed which you should also consider at the time of selecting the right chicken breed for your farm house or any other setting. The breed is known by the name of Ameraucana. They have a standard size and are mostly kept being one of the dual purpose chicken breeds. Now here, by dual nature it is meant that they are kept for eggs as well as for meat usage, thus making them quite useful in terms of meat chicken breeds. The eggs laid by these birds get really expensive at the time of the Easter Holidays. The reason for this being the beautiful colour of the eggs these birds lay. They are also quite constant in terms of laying eggs on a set schedule. Mostly, this breed is easy to handle and friendly, but there are some that can get really aggressive at times. The colors in which this breed is found include black, blue or brown red.

Ameraucana breed

Ancient Breeds

For those who plan to keep the breeds that are being used since the ancient times, The Anconas and Hamburgs are the ones to be used. These chicken breeds typically lay white colored eggs, but some of the farmers are of the view that these breeds might not be suited for backyard farming, all because of their changing temperament. Other breeds which are also very famous for egg laying include The Minorca, Campine, Orloff, Penedesenca and other broiler chicken breeds. So, now you know how important is it to have some idea at the time of choosing a chicken breed.

anconas chicken breed

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  1. Hi Farhansheikh, I have read a couple of your articles concerning chicken breeds, and whilst they are interesting It is nice to see someone who is as passionate as you about the subject, as your prolific writing indicates.you say of the Rhode Island Red that it is ” known to be the best chicken for laying brown colored eggs”. This is not remotely true, as the pure RIR lays a tinted egg. The real brown eggs come from the European birds such as the Barnevelder and Marans.
    I hope my criticism is taken in the good spirit that it was intended.

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