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Nutrition Guide of Broiler for High Quality Meat


Poultry producers all around the world are now focusing on the production of some high quality meat. The prime reason for this can be linked to the increase in the consumer concerns about the quality of poultry they consume. Due to the rapid growth of the HACCP, it is now vital for them to standardize all the phases of poultry meat production so that the customers can be satisfied in a more effective manner. Moreover, there is also a growing need to maintain the environment, poultry broiler management operations in addition to the broiler chicken feed and production strategies so that all of the products might come to meet the retail requirements in the present times. The consumers are also now widely interested in knowing about the kind of food the birds are fed at the broiler grower settings.

Growth and Development

The challenge here is to provide the domesticated animals with such an environment that would come to encourage their growth and well being. The amount of muscles and the fat ratios seem to be the concern of the poultry consumers nowadays. Moreover, little importance is being paid on the skeletal development of the animals. It happens because of the physiological growth of the animals that lead to the increase of meat in the body of the animals while feeding chickens.

Energy Intake

Birds try to make adjustments among themselves in order to control the amount of energy they consume. But for better control, the poultry Producers are also required to monitor the nutrient requirements of broilers and broiler feed consumption at all times. If the energy intake is less or greater, then an increase in meat deposition might be observed. Moreover, the overall weight of the animal’s body is going to increase, not because of the presence of more proteins, but due to the fat deposition which consumers do not demand presently. Most of these deposited fat goes down to the abdominal section which is indeed the least desired by the consumers. It is evident from this that the producers need to optimize the energy take in a more controlled manner so that some extra fat might not accumulate.

chicken fat

Intake of Minerals, Vitamins and Amino Acids

In the formation of proteins and broiler feed intake, the amino acids do play a vital role. There are some studies that assert than increase in the consumption of amino acids for getting the maximum levels of breast meat, may exceed beyond the amounts that are required for optimal growth. There are a number of variations and synthetic forms of the amino acids that are available in the market which can be brought to some practical use in controlling the amount of energy the birds need for normal performance. These include tryptophan, Lysine and some others, all of which have been proved to be effective in leading to proteins deposition. It is also due to the excessive availability of such synthetic forms that might lead to a more complex formulation of the foods for the animals. In addition to amino acids, various minerals and vitamins are also important for the growth of the animals in the poultry settings. In order to achieve the maximum amount of bone mineralization, some knowledge about the use of macro minerals is also essential. These minerals include calcium and phosphorous which have been used in the poultry houses for quite some time now. But in these times, these minerals should be presented in a more controlled amount to comply with the needs of the poultry birds. Moreover, they are also important for the improvement of the immune systems of the animals which helps them in combating the various diseases and virus attacks that are quite common in the underdeveloped farms and poultry houses.

energy intake of broilerrecommend nutrient level

Creation of Superior Retail Products

Manipulation of the dietary supplements and foods in addition to the increase in the carcass quality, are the two strategies which are crucial for taking the quality of the retail products many notches up. But here in increasing the carcass quality might also lead to the deposition of unsaturated fatty acids which are also the least desirable by the poultry consumers of the present era. Thus it is imperative here that all such foods and supplements are stabilized in order to ensure that the fat deposition remains the minimal in the poultry feed and nutrition.


Innovation and control, on the poultry products, especially the broiler started feed, is the need of the times for ensuring that all forms of poultry productions come to be higher in quality.

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