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 8 Homemade Chicken Pluckers on a Budget

The only downside to raising chickens for food is having to pluck the feathers off those chickens prior to eating them. A homemade chicken plucker will enable you to become an expert feather plucker so you can make quick work of being a chicken plucker or duck plucker. There are many different chicken plucker plans, 8 of which are listed below, that will help you constructive your own DIY chicken plucker.

While having your own chicken plucking machine may sound a little odd or a little too extreme to some people, it is a beneficial tool for those living a sustenance life style or for someone living off the grid and relying heavily on backyard chickens and ducks for daily protein. As more and more people opt to raise their own free-range fowls, for whatever reason, the desire for a homemade chicken plucker will increase. Knowing how to build a chicken plucker may even turn into a lucrative business as the demand increases and you have chicken plucker plans in-hand. Look over these 8 DIY chicken plucker plans and learn how to build homemade chicken pluckers on a budget.

1: The Jack McGee Chicken Plucker

With a few pieces of scrap wood and some leftover PVC pipe, Jack McGee created his own budget-friendly chicken plucker. Great for a small flock of fowls, works fast, cleans easily and small enough to store easily. If you are recycling materials you have on hand to build this DIY chicken plucker, it could end up costing you nothing for out-out-pocket expenses.

The Jack McGee Chicken Plucker

2: Washing Machine Whizbang Chicken Plucker

This unique idea recycles an old washing machine while creating an entirely new tool that will remove the feathers from chickens, ducks, turkeys or geese in a matter of seconds. Instead of hauling that old washing machine to the landfill (where it will take decades to decompose) turn it into a useful tool for yourself or neighbor fowl farmer.

Washing Machine Whizbang Chicken Plucker

3: Homemade Whizbang

This DIY chicken plucker uses a 55 gallon, food grade plastic barrel, a few 2×4‘s, rubber ‘fingers’ and a 3/4 horsepower motor to do all the feather plucking for you. Patterned after the original Whizbang plucker, these plans allow you to build your own homemade whizbang from scavenged and recycled parts.

Homemade Whizbang plucker

4: Achorn Farm Chicken Plucker

A 55-gallon, food grade plastic barrel, an old snow blower gear box , some scrap wood and the most expensive component – rubber fingers – created this efficient and economical chicken plucker was built for usage on Achorn Farms. While the rubber finger costs $120 (including shipping and handling) for this DIY chicken plucker, you can purchase them or make them yourself much cheaper.

Achorn Farm Chicken Plucker

5: Cowgirl Chicken Plucker

Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a kit to build a chicken plucker, do what Cowgirl did – use what you have on hand to build an efficient and cheap feather plucker. Cowgirl built her cowgirl chicken plucker for under 50 dollars. You can too with her easy-to-follow chicken plucker plans that includes using a pizza pan and belt.

Cowgirl Chicken Plucker

6: Whizbang Chicken Plucker

This one claims to be the DIY chicken plucker that started it all back in 1999 and inventor, Herrick Kimball, willingly shares all his building plans and knowledge with all who are interested. Buy his book of step-by-step plans for building the Whizbang Chicken Plucker and visit his website to purchase any needed parts for the DIY chicken plucker.

Whizbang Plucker

7: Drum Plucker

The drum plucker is an economic model that will make quick work of chicken or duck plucking. This homemade plucker will allow you to remove all the feathers from a bird in just a few seconds. Steps-by-step instructions will give you the knowledge to turn an old plastic drum (along with a few other components) into a workable and efficient feather plucking machine.

homeamde Drum Plucker

8: The $6 Chicken Plucker

Use this plan to turn a drill, PVC pipe end caps and some bungee cords into a $6 chicken plucker, the most economical chicken plucker imaginable. Portable, cheap and efficient, what’s not to love about this homemade feather plucker? A little trial and error and another pair of hands will enable you to get the hang of using this economical plucker in the most efficient way possible.

The $6 Chicken Plucker


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