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Homemade chicken feed-The ingredients to add in your Diy poultry feed

The fact is beyond any question that poultry or chicken farming in particular is a lucrative business. However, if the owner or the keeper lacks diligence than the entire business can turn itself upside down. There are lots of risks associated with poultry and each has to be either overcome or minimized to some extent. The cute little fellows just like infants ask for attention, care and love. This in particular; burdens the responsibility of the farmer to take care of the chicken feed. The health of the poultry must be the utmost concern because chickens are usually prone to lots of diseases and parasitic infections.

What do chicken likes to eat?

Just like you make sure infants get the right type of food, you have to make sure you treat chickens the same way. A healthy homemade chicken feed must be consistent with the bird’s age, the growth phase and type of bird (such as broiler chicken feed and layer pallets). Based on experiences and experts advice, there are diversified views – many say that they only feed their flocks with kitchen scraps and never think about complete nutrient feed. However, the entire scenario has been changed now – modern farmers and backyard keepers are now more interested in formulated poultry feeds because research has proven that it provides required nutrients and contributes to better health.

This excerpt tells about various kinds of best chicken feed and enlightens you in depth about its benefits. Even many inquire from the experts that whether they should provide the backyard flock the commercial feed or homemade feed, so I have tried to explain that aspect as well. This all based on logic and experience, hope works for you too.

Homemade feed vs commercial feed:

You must have heard older always accentuating on the fact that kids must be given homemade meals. They are complete food, provide energy and are economical as well. You can simply apply this theory here – it is suggested that you must provide your chicken the simple, nutritious and the quality homemade feed. The reasons may include;

  • Inexpensive
  • Healthy
  • No side effects
  • Nutritional
  • Homemade food is real – the packet food is at some point created.
What ingredients make a feed essential?

Would you like to eat one kind of meal all the time? What would be your attitude if you are given same rice and meat for lunch, dinner and the next day and so on. You would simply want to switch, this is also the attitude observed in chickens. They look for varieties and want to have something different and tasty. Many say that summer food and winter food for chickens also differ.

Feed green:

If you are raising chickens on pastured; it’s a very healthy option for them. Your chickens need a good amount of fresh and green feed on a daily basis. You really don’t have to spend much on it as you can feed them grass cuttings, cut offs from cabbages, weeds and cauliflowers. I will not really suggest you to provide chickens with lettuce because it lacks proper nutritional value. Never feed chicken with avocado because it may turn out to be poisonous.

Further, chickens can also be served with stale bread and peelings of carrot, cucumber and fruits.

feeding green vegetables to chickens

A complete wholesome feed:

One of the recipes that I have learned from my grandparents and experts is given below. It would help you in getting best nutritional value for chicken and help you make your own chicken feed.

You must have:

  • 8 cups of organic soft white wheat
  • 8 cups of organic red wheat
  • 6 cups of organic corns
  • 12 cups of  organic oats
  • 4 cups of lentils (organic)
  •  1 cup sesame  and 2 cups flax seed (organic)
  • Quarter cup kelp granules

In a big bucket, mix all the ingredients together in 2-tablespoon olive oil. This would turn out to be an amazing meal for chickens because it contains everything from minerals to vitamins, proteins and carbs as well; it is natural and homemade chicken feed formula.

Why soy or non-organic corns(Genetically Modified Organism) should not add in the feed:

Not all agree with the fact but it is said that soy or corns should not be added to the chicken feed. It is because;

  • Its incomplete source of protein
  • Highly processed
  • It is obtained from unnatural sources

Final Thoughts!

Further, it can lead to severe deficiency of hormones and cause some serious issue with the birds. It is suggested that chickens must have organic feeding so that they can get what is required. Moreover, preference should be given to homemade and natural feeding delights, as it is a much cheaper and healthier option. I am sure by now you would have enough idea about a healthy diy poultry feed – you can now certainly get better eggs and meat from your own flocks. 

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  1. Great recipe. About how much is required per chicken per day?

    • I find that my 15 chickens eat about 4 cups of this mixture per day besides this I also supplement our chickens with all of our kitchen scraps (things like carrot peelings, stale bread, or old greens) and a few large armfuls of weeds each day

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  3. In poultry or chicken farming, the farmer’s primary concern should be the chicken feed. A healthy chicken feed must be balanced with right amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vitamins.Chickens can feed on organic grains, greens, vegetables, fruits, kitchen scraps or stale bread.Home made and natural recipes are fresh, nutritional and inexpensive.This is the most preferred option as it is a much cheaper and healthier option. Poultry feeds are also available as bulk or bagged mixes.

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