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Benefits of Herbs for Chicken Health

The trends of taste among people have been changing quite drastically. In older days, people use to give priority to vegetables more as compared to meat food. But now it’s the opposite. And in this, the usage of chicken has been in the top of the list. The increase in the consumption of chicken by people belonging to different countries has led to the proper farming of chicken in order to fulfill the daily needs. But this farming has also raised some medical issues in respect of chicken health due to not handling them properly. Un-controlled and un-healthy environment creates parasites in chickens that not only affects the health of that chicken but also affects the health of other chickens. Therefore, remedy for this problem is using herbs. It is not necessary that these herbs can only be used for chicken farming on large scale. Even if you have small pack of chickens at the backyard of your house, you can also use these herbs to keep your chicken healthy. So below are some of the uses of herbs that are beneficial for the health of the chicken.

 Herbs for chicken

As we all are well aware that chickens eat green plants for their survival. If green plants are the food than why not provide with such green plants that does not only satisfy their basic need, that is food, but also keeps them healthy and reduces the chances of getting any worms in chicken. In order to provide them with useful herbs, you need to make some good room for the chickens. Chickens can be more happy and healthy when they have plenty of room to walk, spread their wings and find their food themselves. Keeping them in fence cannot fulfill this purpose that accurately as this is practiced for the convenience of humans and keeping chickens away from predators. The important herbs that are useful for the health of chicken and also so that they could lay healthy eggs are comfrey, garlic, chickweed, elder, hyssop, feverfew, nasturtium, tansy, lavender, kale, Gotu Kola, and nettle.

 Some Herbs and their benefits

The herbs that are mentioned above have separate benefits for chicken. These are described below.


this herb is filled with tonic food and protein and has a high level of calcium and potassium in it. This herb is also beneficial in providing amino acid. Feeding this herb daily to chickens will not only help them in being healthy but they will lay eggs with golden yolk as well.

comfrey for chicken health


This herb is very common and it grows in the cooler months. This herb is on the top of the list that is liked by chickens.



This herb is effective in controlling mites and lice that possesses some serious threats to the health of chickens. This herb produces self seeds and ample of flowers. These flowers and leaves can be converted in to a tea and then sprayed to control mites and lice.

Feverfew for chicken

Gotu Kola:

This herb grows in areas that are partially shaded. The leaves of this herb are very useful tonic for chickens and this herb can also be used for some of external skin conditions.

Gotu Kola for chicken


This herb has antibiotic and antiseptic characteristics and helps in repelling the insects away from the chicken.

Nasturtium for chicken


 This herb not only is rich in minerals and vitamins but also it prevents chicken against worms. This herb can be added with comfrey after drying it so as to give a boost for laying eggs.

Nettle for chicken

Herbs and chickens health

Some of you may have experienced that the chickens which you have been keeping in your backyard or on your farm are getting less active and are often seen in unhealthy shape. This may lead to death of some chickens as well. If you are providing them with proper food, water and shelter and wonder why still this is happening, so the reason is their declining immune system. The reason in the declining of chicken’s immune system is unhealthy diet. You may have been providing proper feed for hen but sometimes that is just not enough. Giving them proper diet which includes useful herbs is also very important. These herbs have the necessary proteins and vitamins that do not only strengthen the immune system of chicken but also helps them in fighting with any parasites in chickens. The stronger the immune system is, the healthier is the chicken and will also lay healthy eggs. The immune system not only helps the chickens to fight with parasites but also to counter lice and mites diseases that may not only affect the health of one chicken, but may also affect other chicken as well. Besides the fact that these herbs help in maintaining the immune system of chickens, there is one also additional benefit received from these herbs. These herbs not only make the immune system of chickens more defensive but also provide the necessary calcium and proteins that helps in the nourishment of these chickens. As healthy the chicken will be, there are greater chances that the egg laid by the egg laying chickens will also be rich in protein and calcium. And when these eggs will be used as a source of food by the people, they will also have a better and healthy life.

Above are some of the benefits discussed of using various herbs for the proper nourishment of chickens and why they are essential for the immune system of chickens as well. So if you think that the food which you are providing to your chickens is enough, than think again. This information will help you to keep your chickens more healthy and active and the herbs mentioned will help the chickens in fighting various diseases as well.

Here is more information on types of herbs,their benefits and how to use them


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