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Different Types Of Backyard Chicken Coops

When it comes to hen coops, then there are limitless number of ideas and chicken coop designs which you can use. Building the chicken houses is a process that should never be taken lightly, as the health and well being of the birds is going to be determined on the accommodation that would be provided to them. Some even say that it might be an easy to go plan which is best suited for the weekend. So, if you plan to have some low cost chicken coop, then there are numerous ideas and designs which will come in handy if you pay a proper heed towards them. Here are some of the different types and forms of the backyard chicken coops which you can use.

Small Chicken Coop

The thing about the small chicken coops is that they can easily be moved from one place to the next. Yes, there are some chicken coops which are not optimal for movement, but it is always best for you to design a moveable one. The dimensions which you need to ponder are 3.5 ‘ High, nearly 38” deep and about 64” long. It is the most recommended chicken coop for 8 chickens. Now here, you can also make use of the internet for the purpose of downloading a number of chicken coop plans.


Large Chicken Coop

For the purpose of making a chicken coop for 10 chickens, it is imperative to keep in mind the space that would be required for the optimal growth of each of them. The space to be allocated should be around 0.4 square m per chicken. Moreover, the nests should be shared in a balanced manner between the chickens. To be more precise, 3 nests can be shared between 8 chickens. So, in lines to this, for 10 chickens, 4 nests would be the most recommended. Furthermore, the design you would be using should also come to allow the maximum area for the storage and should also be capable of turning down the attacks that would be initiated from the side of the predators. The same square formula is applicable whether you need to make the chicken coop for 12 chickens or chicken coop for 20 chicken. In terms of the ark chicken coop, again the number of birds should be considered. Moreover, you would also need to ensure superior protection mechanisms while making use of these one of a kind coops.

large chicken coop2

Stationary Chicken Coop

Permanents points of resting are allocated for the stationary chicken coops. In all, there happen to be different types of the chicken coops that are used including the moveable and fixed ones. These coops are structured in the form of a building or a specialized fenced area. The size of the coop here is determined on the basis on the number of chicken that would be kept in the setting. However, the rule of thumb here is the use of 4 square feet for each bird. Keeping in view, this formula, you would be able to make one for yourself. On the other hand, the moveable chicken coop might be best suited for those who are wary of the attacks of predators and from evasive weather conditions. But there are some farmers and home owners who prefer to make use of the basic chicken coop for the job.

stationary chicken coop

Portable, Moveable or Mobile Chicken Coop and tractor

The moveable chicken coops can easily hive or accommodate a large number of birds, but it all depends on the specific design and the measures for the protection of the birds which you have made use of. The inspiration behind the use of this chicken coops is the high level of functionality and movement they offer. Just by adding some wheels to the lower end of the coop, an all in one mobile coop might be the right option for you. The roosts should be placed above the trays which are dedicated for the collection of the chicken left overs. Moreover, the tops of the boxes can also be modified in order to allow the birds to make use of the roosts.

The chicken tractor can also be classified among the most used portable chicken coops. In addition to housing the birds, these machines are also used for giving a shelter to other forms of poultry. The prime use of these tractors is the freedom in terms of free ranging they allow to the birds and the farm owners. Using this machine, the farm owners would be able to provide an extensive environment to the birds.

mobile chicken coop

Plastic Chicken Coop

The plastic chicken coop can be termed as those new players that have emerged recently in the worldwide chicken markets. Most of the advertisements you are going to see in this regard stumble upon the extended protection these coops from the red mites. The red mite can be classified to be a very small ecto-parasite that feeds using the blood of the poultry animals. The cleaning process of the plastic coops is also quite easier in comparison to the wooden houses. You can wash, clean as well as dry out these coop in only 30 or less minutes. Moreover, these coops are also less costly in comparison to the wooden ones, so they are best suited for those who are on a tight budget.

 plastic chicken coop

Handcrafted Chicken Coops

There are a number of handcrafted chicken coops that are designed to be portable and easier to clean. In fact, in some states of the US, these coops can be availed at pretty low prices. In addition to offering a good quality settings and environment for the chickens, these coops are also easier for mobility. The number of chickens that can be kept in these coops range from 3 to 7 or even more, if the area is sufficient enough. Now here, the chicken pens might not be best suited for those areas which are marked for frequent predator attacks.

handcrafted chicken coop1

Wooden Chicken Coop

As mentioned before, the wooden chicken coop are losing their fame now, all because of the difficult cleaning process. While there is a substantial presence of the farmers who prefer to make use of these coops, but still it might not be the best suited for those who are newbies in the domain of raising the backyard chicken.

wooden chicken coop1

Eglu Chicken Coop

Now here we have another form of chicken coop which can be termed as easy to clean and a bit cheaper. The prime question which is asked in making use of these coops is related to the prevention of the red mite. There is no doubt about the increase in the popularity of these coops. Moreover, they are also quite appealing and attractive in comparison to the others types of backyard chicken coops. At the same time, there are those who always prefer to make use of the chicken hutches.

eglu chicken coop

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