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Tips for keeping coyote away from your chicken or livestock

Coyotes belong to a class of animals which are considered to be very smart, innovative and opportunistic. Their smartness can be analyzed from the fact that they can drop the lunch boxes to the school children by chasing them. Number of coyotes are increasing day by day that is why they are becoming brave and courageous. They are also getting used to the human environment now. So in order to save the humans and coyotes from any mishaps, we have to stop them from going to the places where human activities are taking place or retraining them far in the forest. The following article will explain some steps of how to protect chicken from predators  like coyotes or keep coyotes away from your other livestock.

The steps are:

 1)      Fences:

 Usage of fences can really reduce the risk of getting any harm from coyotes.  As the coyotes are wise enough to jump and dig, so the fence should be approximately 1.8 meters (6 ft) high and 30 cm (I ft)under the ground. Moreover the spacing between the fences should be less than 4 inches. These fences should be a necessary part of farms having livestock as a hungry  livestock or chicken predator cannot resist the temptation of food inside the farm. The following steps if taken can also prevent coyotes from digging and jumping.

  • Pointed wire placed at the ground can stop the coyotes from digging.
  • Electric fencing can also serve the purpose especially for saving the livestock.
  • Some guard animals can also be used for the livestock. These guard animals include donkeys and llamas. Choose those donkeys and llamas that do not mingle with other donkeys.

fence for coyotes


2)       Noise:

Noisy sound can affect the harmful activities of stray coyotes. The sounds explained in the following points can surely protect your livestock from any sort of danger by coyotes.

  • If you find any coyote nearby, make noise by yelling and shouting.
  • To scare the coyote who is trying to enter the farm, make noise by banging any sort of tin or can lids.
  • Sensors or activated alarms can also be used. These sensors sense the presence of the danger up to some distance. The alarm sound will not only scare the coyote but will also make you alert.
  • Another important noise maker is the propane exploder.
  • Children’s toys can also be used to make noise such as jingles, bangs and whirrs.
3)       If you come across a coyote, be surprised:

In addition of making noise while encountering a coyote, use some scary tactics as well. Coyotes can easily get scare off the frightening expressions made by humans. So never make an eye contact with them and turn your back towards them and play a chase and attack game by running away. Some other tactics are explained below.

  • Make yourself terrifying through your body movements. Kick the legs and wave the arms. This will give them a feeling to stay away from you.
  • A motion activated light can also prevent coyotes and is rather a good way of how to safe chickens.

hazing coyotes

4)       Remove the food loved by coyotes:

Coyotes are greatly tempted to the food they like and even eat anything which will come in their way. So keep all the favorites’ of coyotes like rodents, flesh food away. Never feed the coyotes for the purpose of taming them. They will never be tamed rather will come back for more food.  Some ways are described in the points below for eradicating the food sources from your yard.

  • Use coyote proof boxes or garbage bins for the purpose of disposing your garbage off.  This will keep the coyotes away as it will be secured and difficult to open.
  • Never leave the wasted food lying around. Always dispose it off properly in a secure container both in homes and at farms.
  • Empty up your tree from the ripe fruits as soon as possible and pick all the fruit lying nearby on the ground.

food liked by coyotes

  5)  No pets:

Keep all of your pets away from the coyotes. Coyotes are tempted to dogs, cats and free range chicken for attacking purpose. So if you are living in an area where there is a risk of encountering coyotes, follow these steps

  • Neuter the pet male dogs and spraying the female pet dog so their urine smell don’t attract coyotes.
  • Make sure that the fish ponds are covered.
  • Pet food should be kept inside.
  • Birdseed should not be scattered around.
   6)  Make your area junk free:

Preys liked by coyotes can live and breed in the junk piles lying around. Moreover, these junk piles can also be used by the coyotes for hiding purpose.

    7) Use wolf urine: 

The odor of wolf’s urine can keep the coyotes away as the population of coyote decreases in the areas where the wolves are more in number.

    8)  Otherwise call a professional:

If the above mentioned solutions do not work, then take help from expertise to avoid predators of chicken, sheep, cats, dogs  or other livestock from harming them.

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