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Whether to remove the chicken skin before cooking or not, the two myths – revealed

Have you heard your mom asking your dad, honey get the chicken with skin. Or, many times mom’s say that I want chicken without the skin. Does that make sense to you? Many times I got puzzled by this mystery of removing and not removing the chicken’s skin. If you think logically, the skin of the chicken is part of the bird itself, and we consume the bird completely. Than what’s bad with having it with skin?

Basically, nutritional facts restrict us from consuming chicken with skin because it’s fattening. Further, this excerpt discusses the other myths related to the chicken skin and its composition. Also, you would get ample amount of recommendations that would help you know more about health concerns and the use of chicken with skin and its effects. Finally, by the end of the excerpt you would get the complete knowledge and your desired answer – should you remove chicken skin before eating?

The birds’ skin:

There is nothing wrong with the skin of the chicken naturally; however, when chicken is being cooked, the skin absorbs all the essentials, juice and fat. As the heat is constantly getting on the bird meat, the fat flows from the meat to the skin, with no chances of getting out; it flows backward and enters the meat again. This is how the skin meat gets fluffed with saturated fats.

juicy flavor in chicken with skin

Are you on the weight loss expedition?

If by any chance you are on the weight loss journey, you should strictly refrain from having chicken with skin. With the extra amount of dietary fat, the calories in the chicken skin can ruin your entire dieting plan. The calories in skinless chicken are only 4 (in terms of 1 gram), but the chicken with skin would give you about 9 calories, that’s pretty much. Lastly, the fully loaded fat chicken would only make you pompous and you would feel bloated.

nutrition facts of skinless and skinned chicken

Interested in gaining some pounds?

You may want to add some pounds because you are too skinny – boys these days die for girls with curves, isn’t it? Well, that’s never indicates that you start to consume lots of chicken with skin. Never forget that saturated fat has the tendency to develop diseases like heart strokes, cardiovascular pains and even cancer. To your surprise, the quantity of sodium is even very high in chicken skin – so by any chance it cannot be a perfect meal to consume in large quantity. Try to eat less chicken with skin on it because from nutritional viewpoint, it’s not really recommended.

The myth revealed:

You must remove the chicken skin before consuming it – those who think  chicken with its skin has the real essence and the taste are stuck in some sort of a misconception. That’s not really the case. The golden crispy chicken would allure you the most and at that time you would not even get to know whether it had skin or not. You should pay more attention to your health. What’s the point of consuming such stuff which can, later affect you to a great extent?

What should you do?

Many times you must have heard chefs using chicken breast with its skin for fried chicken and even burgers. Fine, you can carry on with the legacy, but occasionally. What you can do is use grounded chicken instead of chicken with its skin. You won’t actually find much difference in the taste of the two; in fact, from nutritional viewpoint, the skinless chicken is healthier and beneficial.

The decree:

There is no hard and fast rule that would tell you to remove the chicken skin before eating. There are no nutritional facts about chicken skin which justify its consuming in larger quantities. However, if you are health conscious and do not want to get into trouble later in life, you must refrain from having chicken with its skin. If you think that removal of skin would destroy the taste, try using natural flavors for making it more delicious. The experts say that the use of herbs, spices and other sauces can increase the chickens taste ten times more than the natural skin. However, if you maintain moderation, consuming  chicken with its skin would not even hurt you.


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  1. Interesting article. Be aware, however, that the word “skinned” actually means without skin. So a skinned chicked is one without skin – the way I understand you, you are talking about a chicken WITH skin when you say a skinned chicken.

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