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White Meat VS Red Meat-Choice For Healthy Meat

The importance of meat for health has been established and supported for a number of reasons. Meat comes to offer various healthy nutrients to us including proteins, zinc, vitamins and much more. According to the studies conducted by American Meat Institute meat whether red or white has an important role to play in developing our muscle strength, skin, formation of hormones and their regulation at all times. In addition to this meat also offer us with a specific type of hormone which is not available in the non-meat sources. Now after having some idea about this let us now take into account red and white meat.

Basic Forms of Meat

1)      Red Meat

2)      White Meat

White Meat and its Benefits

There are various health benefits of poultry. White meat can be obtained from fish, various forms of chicken and other domesticated animals. It is also known by the name of light colored meat. The reason for this can be the fact that it mostly comes from the poultry sources due to which it is also named as white poultry meat. The exact definition of the white meat depends on the sources and culture from where it comes from, but generally it is believed that it is obtained from chicken, turkeys and rabbits. Here are some benefits and advantages of white meat.

  • It is quite lean in comparison to the red meat.
  • Its fat content is also less in comparison to the meat communing from the large sized mammals, which is referred to as the red meat.
  • The reason for which it is very often preferred by the health experts is because it has a low concentration of fat and dietary cholesterol.
  • Although the difference in the fat content between the two meat forms is not so much, still it is enough to matter for some patients whose suffer from various digestion problems and issues.
               white meat
Forms of White Meat
  • Light Meat
  • Dark meat

As mentioned before white meat mostly comes from the poultry sources, but there is another form of meat which is also categorized under the term white meat. It is referred to as dark meat. Chicken brought up in the poultry settings also have this dark meat in certain areas of the body like thighs and legs. The color of this meat is dark because of the presence of myoglobin.


Red Meat and Its Disadvantages

The meat that is obtained from some large sized mammals is referred to as red meat. The concentration levels of myoglobin have a chief role to play in this regard. These levels are quite high in mammals in comparison to animals grown up in the poultry settings. There are various studies that support the formation of various heart conditions and other physiological diseases due to the consumption of red meat.


Heart Conditions and Other Related Diseases

The first disease in line is the Colorectal Cancer which occurs due to some more than normal red meat intake. Diabetes, obesity and various cardiovascular diseases also occur due to varied consumption of the red meat. The red meat also contains more saturated and trans-fat in comparison to the white meat which is a bit lean. So, when it comes to some healthy meat options, then you should go for the white meat.

Percentage of cholesterol in white and red meat


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