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10 Most Creative Chicken Coop Designs For Backyard Chickens

When thinking about verandah farming, a number of pointers need to be considered important. One of them is the chicken coop designs. Chicken coops are basically referred as the place where the chicken live and the egg laying, breeding and egg hatching processes take place.

These places should be made comfortable and the optimum temperature needs to be maintained in the coops because the comfortable and well planned designs might help get best out of the chicken. In context of such pointers, we are here to tell our readers; the most creative free backyard chicken coop designs for the chicken. So let us discuss them one by one.

1. Handcrafted small chicken coop designs:

The most common design is the handmade coop design. This might include wood or cement or the bricks as the building material according to the area and the weather conditions. Smart, portable, sophisticated and compact- this is one of the best solutions for coop designing complications. This accommodates one or a few hens.


2. Car shaped portable coops:

Another simple chicken coop design is the car shaped coop design. This again is portable and compact. It is also called chicken tractor or mobile chicken coop

Car shaped portable coops

3. Solar power coop design:

Solar coops have many merits. It uses the solar power for the temperature maintenance and the light regulation. But more than that, the chicken house can move and adjust its position according to the requirements on its own. This detection is due to the solar panel system hence enabling the chicken to live in a comfortable environment.

Solar power coop design

4. Green roof top coops:

Catering to more than one need, this is one of the most creative chicken coop design. If you live in a hot area and lack the space for gardening and need backyard farming as well, therefore going for this option is the best solution. The roof top can be used for gardening and reduces the temperature of the coop inside, making it comfortable hen house.

Green roof top coops

5. Egg shaped Chicken Coop Design:

The egg shaped chicken coop design is also a smart, elegant, creative and trendy design. It is compact and portable. The chicken koop contains a glass roof and wooden structure hence providing both the light and ventilation system to the baby chicks.

Egg shaped coop designs

6. Maximum Space Yet Compact Chicken Coop Designs:

These fowl pen designs have a plus point that even consuming less space, they provide a spacious area for the chicken. Due to its angles, geometry and other such features, the coops are spacious as compared to other designs covering the same land space.

Maximum space yet compact coop designs

7. Igloo shaped chicken pen:

This design is for one or two hens at a time. The most captivating feature is the tray that can be pulled out. This pull out tray helps maintaining proper cleanliness of the coop to ensure the disease protection.

Igloo shaped chicken pen

8. Window And Door Fowl Chicken Coop Design:

The coops with a mesh wire window and a door enables proper light provision and other merits. This incorporation of air and protection is one of the key factors of this design. Another feature is the one entry and one exit area hence making the coop cleaner and well maintained.

Window and door fowl pen

9. Double Story Chicken Coop Design:

One of the creative designs is also the double story coops. The upper story is wooden which helps chicken with respiratory problems and the chicken might go and have some rest due to the dark and compact portion. The lower portion however is made of mesh wire which enables the hens watch around and feeling the area spacious. This enables the chicken to provide them with the option of suiting themselves and acting according to their will.

Double story chicken coup

10. Wind Regulated Coop Designs:

Another of the creative and innovative layout is the wind regulated and powered designs. This is basically composed in a tunnel shape with wind regulators for ventilation and solar panels for electricity and temperature maintenance. This is best for farming on a large scale covering a large area.

Wind regulated coop designs

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Having done with all the possible creative chicken coop designs, we guide the DIYers to get proper detailed information before designing the backyard chicken coop. The area you live in, the temperature range, the house space and the price range are the determining factors for the selection of the best suitable coop design.

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  1. Where can I get more information on the wind regulated chicken coops for a large scale, are their existing models like this?

  2. Hi,
    I realized an original chicken tractor for my Serama…
    The “mobile chicken tractor stagecoach”, from a Texan design.
    And also the “Tipi Deluxe” inspired of many research on the web.
    Have a look on my website : http://lespetitesplumes.free.fr/Poulaillers.htm

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  4. Love all these chicken coops 🙂 I have 1/3 of my garage turned into a chicken coop and it isn’t an ideal situation…chickens produce a lot of dust and our cars are always dirty! Thanks for sharing a link to my site!

    Thanks for sharing on The HomeAcre Hop! Hope to see you again today 🙂

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