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chicken tractor coop

10 Free Chicken Tractor Plans And Designs

Raising chickens in tractor chicken coops is an excellent option for chicken enthusiasts rather than in a fixed coop. There’re number of benefits to raising pastured chickens such as they eat bugs, seeds and grass from the ground while moving chicken tractor coop from one place to another.As a result the eggs obtained from these birds are not only inexpensive but delicious and healthy than market purchased eggs.This excerpt is all about mobile chicken coop plans that have detailed instructions on how to build a diy chicken coop with chicken coop drawing and blueprints too.

1: Use Cabinets for Coops:

Truly this is one of the simplest chicken coop plan because it requires you to find some old cabinets at home. The smaller cabinet’s can be used as nesting boxes, while others can be the main living room. Make sure, while cutting you leave a good space for ventilation. For the legs, you can use metal legs, while you need to form netting edges all over so that predators can be kept away. You can also attach the ramp to the nesting area and open it in the netted space so that the chickens are free to move. Lastly, for the wheels you can use any parts of the old luggage bags or the lawn mower. Take help from some expert or anyone who knows how to assemble the various parts together.

Chicken tractor coop

2: Chicken Tractor Coop Design Made With Scrap Lumber:

You can use some parts of the lumber and make a basic coop structure. For the inner side you can use luan, while outer side needs to be fixed with proper old cabinet doors. For the run, you can use plywood and coat it with any color you want. The cabinet doors must be attached to the run so that the chickens can move anytime. See the step by step guide Backyard Chickens

Scrap lumber movable chicken coop plans

3: Master Coop:

If you are thinking about how to build a chicken tractor that is inexpensive You can simply get away with this great chicken coop within $150 – you need grade plywood for exterior, and hardware cloth. You need lots of screws and some patience to fix all the pieces together, and install feeders and water systems.

chicken coop by plywood under 150$

4: Movable poultry pen:

Looking for a chicken pen plan? You can find a various chicken coop plan PDF online, which can teach you, in detail regarding the making of coop at home.

Here is chicken tractor coop plan in pdf.


5: From Scrap To Chicken Tractor:

You would need:

  • Lumber pieces
  • Wire fencing
  • Door
  • Fence staples

From the wood, you can make the base, and the top first. Later, you can add wood inside the structure to provide it enough support. Do not forget to add the door on any side you feel feasible. Once done, you need to over the entire area with wiring sheets. You are done for the time being, enjoy the simplest kind of mobile coop design.


6: Fancy coop with wheels:

You might be an artistic person, and thinking of having an attractive chicken coop. However, your basic structure and idea would remain the same. You can add as many accessories or colors you want, and even may with the cuttings to make it more desirable.This plan has chicken coop drawing and construction detail.


7: Cheerful Chicken Coop:

Without any question, lumber is the best material that can be used to form the foundation of the coop. The idea here is to have access to nesting boxes from outside, so you can add doors (window nest boxes). Simply attach the lumber structure to old cart tires or even bike tires, and paint it with some happening colors. With the entrance door, you can add the rap so that the chickens can easily manage to move in and out. Get the complete plan here


8:Garden House Coop Plan

You can be as creative as you want to when it is about designing or making a chicken coop. All you need is time and patience – do not worry about the material because they cost something less than $100. You can use tin roofing, following that you can have a base structure with door and windows. Below that, you can attach a surface so that it looks like a house porch. Support the entire structure with big tires, and paint it with beautiful colors. Do not forget to add some pictures and flowers to make it breathtaking.

Garden house coop plan

9: A-frame coop style:

As the name suggests, this kind of coop design would not be easily made at home, as the structure requires many technical details. Forming A-frame one over and another is not simple, yet nothing is impossible as well.


10:PVC Chicken Tractor Coop:

Looking for a super easy and attractive coop design? Here is a PVC pipe chicken tractor that can easily be adjusted in the smaller gardens and yards. You can use the same plan to make bigger ones as well.

Simple PVC coop design

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