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Nutritional Comparison of White and Dark Turkey Meat

There is no end to the nutrition which you can have while making use of the turkey meat. The meat which the turkeys offer includes the dark and white meat. The reason for which the turkeys have dark meat in some areas is all because of their usage in performing a number of different functions and processes. Moreover, the areas which come to store a large amount of oxygen are the ones that grow darker. On the other, the muscles which happen to be less active are the ones that are white in color. Some prefer to make use of the white turkey meat, while others are keen in making use of the dark turkey meat. Below you would be able to analyze the facts about turkey food.

Basic Nutrition Content in Turkey Meat

Surely, the turkey meat has the potential to provide some negligible amounts of calories and nutriments. In terms of the nutrition content, 84 grams serving accounts for about 3 ounces includes varying levels of calories, cholesterol, sodium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, saturated fat and iron. A 153 g portion of turkey breast meat accounts for about 153 grams of calories. An average meal which people make use of includes the calorie content ranging from about 300 to 600 calories. Moreover, a single serving of the turkey breast contains about 1.1 grams of fat, so you should be vigilant in consuming it in optimal amounts. Although the turkey meat does contain proteins, it offers no sort of carbohydrates. Furthermore, the turkey meat also contains cholesterol despite of being very low in terms of the fat. 127 mg is cholesterol what you come to consume while taking a 5 oz. portion. At the same time, the turkey meat is also effective in terms of boosting the functionality of the B vitamins including the B3 and B6. One serving of the meat is suited for offering nearly 57 % of the total nutrition value of turkey. Not to forget the levels of selenium which the turkey meat has.

nutrition content of turkey meat

White Parts of Turkey Meat

You should prefer to make use of the white parts of turkey meat if you plan to lower down your cholesterol levels. The white turkey meat is a low calorie diet which a large number of people are now making use of it. It is the best low calorie meat choice. In terms of the calories, a 4 oz. portion provides about 140 calories. In comparison to the dark meat, the calories are pretty low. By making use of the white turkey meat you would be able to satisfy your diet without worrying for any sort of high cholesterol levels of other effectuations that might come to adversely influence your health. At the same time, the white meat is low in fat and is also free from the presence of carbohydrates.

white turkey meat

Dark Parts of Turkey Meat

In relation to the white meat, people who make use of the dark meat happen to be face high levels of cholesterol and fat accumulation in their body. You can make use of the dark meat but keeping in view the daily recommended values. In addition to having higher levels of cholesterol, fat, iron and sodium, the dark meat is also in the lead in terms of the proteins. For a serving size of 140 g, the dark meat offers 262 calories, 3g of saturated fat, 119 mg of cholesterol, 111mg of sodium and 40 g of proteins. Dark meat is highly concentrated in the turkey legs and in some other regions.

dark turkey meat

Taste Comparison

In terms of the taste of the turkey meat, the dark meat happens to be the winner. It is all because of the higher degrees of rich taste it offers to you, which is more delicious in comparison to the white meat. But here it is best not forgetting the higher levels of fat that are present in it. Moreover, the higher fat content is what that helps it in giving a much juicier flavor in comparison to the white meat.

taste of turkey meat

Consumer Preference for Each Type

Most of the consumers in the US and other European countries prefer to make use of the white meat, primarily because of the low calories and fat content it contains. The reason for this preference can also be linked to the health professionals who now emphasize more on the usage of the white turkey meat in comparison to the darker portions. But the trends all over the world do not seem to be in a balanced state, as for some of the third world countries, dark meat also seems to be in the lead.

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