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Nutritional value of duck meat for human health

Ducks are known to be the members of the Anatidae Family of Birds which are mostly consumed for their meat worldwide. Moreover, they are also brought to use in terms of a number of cuisines. In comparison to chickens as well as turkeys, the poultry duck meat happens to be darker in color, but still it is classified among the white meat birds. The meat from the duck is mostly derived from the regions of the legs and breast. Moreover, the liver and the heart of the duck are also considered to be suited for edible purposes. In terms of the taste, the duck meat is really rich, especially in terms of the nutrients it contains.

Duck Meat Nutrition Facts

The nutriment value of the duck food is really surprising. The meat encapsulates a number of important nutrients and minerals including phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium. In terms of the vitamins, it contains niacin, folate, Vitamin E, K and B together with a number of other nutriments. At the same time, the duck is also considered to be a rich source in terms of its protein value.

nutrition facts of duck meat
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Health Benefits and Merits of Duck Meat


Protein in Duck Meat

The role of the proteins in terms of being used for the innate physiological mechanisms of the human body can never be denied. In addition to helping in the formation of the bodily cells and tissues, proteins are also required for the functioning of the hormones. They are also responsible for carrying out the repairs of the damaged cells and tissues. 55 % of the daily recommended value of the proteins can be fulfilled by consuming about 55 grams of duck meat.


When it comes to the trace minerals which our bodies require, then selenium happens to be in the lead. Small levels of trace minerals and nutriments are required by the body on a regular basis. Furthermore, selenium also comes to facilitate the functioning of a number of enzymes, having different roles to play in the human body. Alongside the vitamins, selenium also comes in handy for the protection of the various cells in the human body from the free radicals. Larger levels of these compounds might notch up the chances of various heart diseases as well as cancer. A 100 grams serving is sufficient in terms of providing 43 % of the daily recommended value of selenium.

Role of Niacin

The role of niacin can be termed to be of having a magical nature. As mentioned above, the duck meat contains a number of minerals and important nutriments all of which have a number of benefits for the human body. Duck meat has the potential to provide nearly half of the optimal value for the daily usage. Low levels of this nutriment can result in a number of bodily issues and problems which are not easy to tackle if not dealt in time. Moreover, it is also believed to be helpful in terms of lowering down the levels of cholesterol in the body, due to which the people who suffer from obesity and cholesterol issues should be vigilant in terms of making use of the duck meat. That’s not all, as Niacin has also been proved to be facilitating in terms of metabolizing the fats in the body and in reducing the chances of the deposition of the fat. So, now you know why duck meat is optimal for being used in comparison to the fatty meat.

source of niacin


Ducks can be termed to be a source of healthy meat. Iron is needed by a number of different parts in the body. It is also crucial in terms of pacifying a number of processes of metabolism. At the same time, it is also conducive in terms of production of the red blood cells and is also helpful in sending oxygen and other required nutrients to all regions of the body.


In addition to helping the eyes and oral mucosom, the duck meat is also handy in terms of notching down the attacks from the side of the viruses. Duck meat also encapsulates 3 to 10 times more Vitamin A in comparison to all other meat forms. At the same time, the lack of Vitamin B1 in the body can result in the loss of appetite, insomnia and persistent fatigue. It also comes to effectuate the mood. On the other hand, Vitamin B2 helps in keeping the skin, hair as well as finger nails healthy. All of these vitamins are guaranteed by the use of duck meat.

Never Underestimate the Vitamin B6

Duck meat is quite abundant in terms of the vitamin B6. It comes in handy in breaking down the proteins and other related nutrients. It is important for the prevention of a number of diseases and in the generation of the antibodies. The calories in duck meat also happen to be lower.

Unsaturated fatty acids

The unsaturated fatty acids perform the function of anti-oxidation and in terms of lowering down the levels of cholesterol. It might also influence the intelligence of children. The unsaturated fatty acids have also been shown to cause a number of heart related diseases and issues. In all, it is best to make use of duck meat for turning down the chances of all these effectuations. As a recommendation, you should prefer to make use of the duck meat in moderate levels and not too much.

Boosting the Immune System

Duck meat is excellent in terms of inducing a boom in the functioning of the immune system. The reason for this can be linked to the various vitamins, minerals and other related nutriments which have what it takes to prepare the body for the effectuations of a number of diseases. Zinc is another component which cannot be undermined in terms of the various benefits it guarantees for the human body. In lines to all these merits, it can be said that the duck meat and poultry food should be consumed by all those who prefer to prepare their body for combating a number of diseases in advance and for notching down the chances of fat deposition.

immune system

Duck meat is rich in fat, calories and cholesterol but it is better to consume it in moderation levels as a luxury food.

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