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20 Stunning Chicken Coops Design Ideas For Your Lovely Birds

Raising chickens in backyard is always inspiring as they are adorable, lovely and at the same time returns back to you eggs and meat for what you feed them. Most people are raising backyard chickens as a hobby, pet or ornamental purposes, since they are living being so have some needs or requirements you have to full such as providing feed, water, nest box, roost, chicken coop etc. As these chickens are very pretty and adorable; every owner like to provide or build the best chicken coop for chickens that looks beautiful as well as comfortable for chickens. Some people buy ready made coop but some like to build their own chicken coop in any shape or design which looks beautiful and attractive.
Here are some excellent, good looking, and attractive chicken coop designs ideas which show how much people love their birds.

1-Dream House Chicken Coop Idea

Source: facebook

2-World’s Greatest Chicken Tractor

It is a small tractor chicken coop, enough for 3 or 4 chickens. It is has been made with great passion, as its owner’s says
challenge became a passion. A coop became a cathedral
Source; greatestchickentractor

3- Classy Chicken Coop Design in South Dakota!!

Source: mrharristweed.tumblr

4-Intergalactic Chicken Coop Design Idea

It’s just like a shape of rocket, made of wood, can contain upto 8 chickens.

Source: mrharristweed.tumblr

5-Henhouse On Wheels

This is the best chicken coop design idea I’ve seen, outstanding design,have wheels, so can say it’s a mobile chicken coop

Henhouse on wheels
Source :flickr

6-Wolf Proof Chicken Coop Design Idea

Wolf proof coop! No wolf will be blowing this down! It’s made from solid material, will not affect by rain, storm or allow predators to break or tear  it..

7-Creative Chicken Coop Design

This is awsome coop design idea. You can see how much the owner spend on it.

Source: facebook

8-Dream Garden with Chicken Coop Idea

This is very good looking, can accommodate up to 20 chickens. If I could have a dream garden with a chicken coop, this would be it

Source:  facebook

9-Chicken Coop and Room Idea

If you want to spent all time with chickens than this is good idea, full-time maid needed coop.

Source: livingthecountrylife

10-Gypsy Chicken House Idea

Gypsy caravan hen house – hilarious!!!  This is an excellent chicken coop idea, like a tractor chicken coop.

Source: facebook

11-Chicken Coop with Run

This is one of inspiring chicken  run out of 10 chicken coop run building ideas
chicken coop with run
chicken coop run building ideas

12-Hobbit Hole Chicken Coop

Source: wooden-wonders

13-Under Ground Chicken Coop Design


Underground Chicken Coop idea – Not sure it would work in our back yard but I’d love something like this if I lived in the country. Would work great to help balance temperature

14-Chicken Coop Hoop House

Source: gypsyfarmgirl

15-Mini Tractor Chicken Coop

Source: gypsyfarmgirl

16-Taj Mahal Chicken Coop

Taj Mahal of chicken coops. Could be sectioned off for different feathered friends..

Taj mahal chicken coop
Source: flickr

17-Rustic Chicken Coop Design Idea

Rustic chicken coop
Source: facebook

18-Artistic and Creative Chicken House

Excellent design
Source: facebook

19-Simple Chicken Coop Design Idea

This is a simple,made out not with costly material but looks fantastics

Source:  flickr

20-Simple and Easy

Source: flickr

I wish I had one like this for my chickens. Awesome!

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  1. Theses are wonderful. We moved to Southern Oregon nearly three years ago and now I am ready to begin again to have chickens. I love chickens. It is barely 6:00 am. When my husband gets up, I’ll serve him your website with his morning tea.

  2. Such cool ideas! I wonder if I can find enough rocks on my property to do #6, #13 would be great in areas that are dry and hot, unfortunately I’d probably drown my chickens here.

  3. I really like the intergalactic chicken coop!

  4. Great ideas except for maybe the Coop with a Room, not sure that one would be a great idea. Unless that person has much more polite chickens then I have ever had chickens tend to poop pretty much anywhere, everywhere, and non-stop, does not jive well with a comfortable living area. Even so the idea is awesome.

    Thanks for sharing all of these great coop ideas, makes me feel like I need to upgrade.

    The Broke Dad

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