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Factors/elements consider for objective of enhancing/optimizing the feed digestion/conversion and utilization.

Because the chicken maqui berry farmers with feed 9 note – China OLED Screen Music Player – Cute Audio  Players Manufacturing

Specialized homes in rural areas to lessen the amount of chicken feed costs in the distribution feed,
but less raw material procurement, more frequently, quality changes, the possible lack of laboratory
equipment, processing equipment, crude, limited expertise of scientific formula, producing dietary
deficit hard to satisfy the chicken production, growth needs, or inefficient, cannot give full play to  the performance, frequently more damage than good. Its problems and weak points, especially because the
suggested maqui berry farmers with feed to notice the next.

Appropriate selection of sticking to the standardard

With enter in the front must give consideration to raising the conventional of preference, should be
stored within the chicken species, age, stage of development and growth, production goals and
production levels, choose the right feeding standards, to find out nutrient needs, again combined way
to obtain feed to meet the requirements of chickens to be able to improve feed conversion and feed
efficiency because the goal, to maximise the development and production performance of chicken.

Formula ought to be reasonable

Physiological qualities based on the digestion of chicken quality recipes focus on an acceptable variety, the chicken’s stomach volume more compact, shorter digestive system, digestive system retention duration of feed in a nutshell, the elements, they have to think about the dietary feed
level, but the palatability of feed, bulk density, digestibility and nutrient balance between. To make sure that the chicken can endure, but additionally to satisfy the dietary needs, especially chicks and
broilers to multi-use high-energy, high protein content of recycleables the same time frame to make sure comprehensive and balanced dietary diet, to more utilization of several recycleables, to provide full play towards the complementary role between your dietary elements to offer the objective of
enhancing feed digestion and utilization.

Should take advantage of local feed assets

Choice of recycleables because of give consideration and react to secure optimum use of local sources, cheap, healthy feed, so far as easy to save transportation charges, reduce feed costs.

To make sure the standard of feed elements

In feed raw material procurement to give consideration to the standard of recycleables. To make use of  fresh elements, non-utilization of moldy feed elements give consideration towards the true and false identification of feed elements, banned adulterated, sporadic quality of recycleables caution contain harmful toxins and dangerous substances in recycleables for example cotton cake consists of gossypol, To strictly control the dosage, dosage shouldn’t exceed 5% of diet raw soybean meal protein synthesis
with anti-pancreatic enzyme treatment should be steamed, not only will it affect their diet, illness and dying in chicken can also be.

To find the right feed additive

In picking a types of feed chemicals in your mind constantly, dose standards. Proteins, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, drug chemicals, enzymes along with other chemicals are indispensable for chicken, based on the chicken variety, growth stage, the development finish, production levels, utilization of different chemicals and add different proportion. Based on product instructions must add, to prevent waste and poisoning, particularly using drug chemicals to manage the total amount and
employ of your time, to avoid poisoning. Add some enzyme or enzyme complex to enhance the standard of feed, enhancing digestion and absorption rate, and improve performance, lessen the incidence of disease
and lower feed costs and enhance the economic advantages of chicken.

To limit the crude fiber content

Decision through the chicken digestive qualities in feed formulation should give consideration to limitations around the content of crude fiber. Chickens don’t have any teeth, feed in to the wind pipe without eating to obtain the crop within the crop following a short immersion in to the muscular stomach, glandular stomach, muscular stomach all of the food alone contraction kids with food and small sand alternative teeth grinding eating function. Therefore the chicken, especially chicken crude fiber
digestion is poor, therefore the content of crude fiber, only 3% from the chickens, broilers under 4%, grower and layer to manage under 7%.

In feed processing in your mind when mixed. Improve feed utilization feed processing is paramount to enhance among the measures. Since nearly all elements for that powder, corn, soybean meal, and lots of  other recycleables to become crushed, its dimensions are generally 1.5 to two mm is suitable. Along the way, various materials must strictly stick to the proportion of accurate formula weighing, mixing a great time to manage, to avoid uneven mixing or feed grade. Particularly should don’t forget that the
additional amount is under 1% from the additive, to make use of multiple classification premix method,
which first mixing with a tiny bit of auxiliary materials and chemicals, after which combined with more add-ons, then combined with the diet plan Stir well, otherwise they’ll be given evenly and dietary inadequacies, or poisoning happened.

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