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Ostrich Physical Chracteristics And Marketing

Ostrich is the recently domesticated bird. Ostrich is the largest known bird and some scientists believe that the present bird developed from ancestors that were capable to flight. The ostrich of today cannot fly, but does run well and is capable of speeds of 50 miles per hour with strides of 15 feet (for very large bird the stride may be 20 feet or more). The feet of the ostrich have only two toes, the only bird the that does while emus, Rhea and Cassowary has three toes. Ostriches characteristically share with emu, Rhea and Cassowary. The ostrich is well-adoptable bird and that can thrive in different environments.

Physical Appearance

A male ostrich range between 6 and 9 feet, while females  between 5.5 and 6.5 feet tall at maturity. The  chicks of ostrich grow about 10 inches per month in the first year and weigh about 40 kg at a age of12 months.  The Adults ostrich usually  have weigh between 60 to 132 kg. Domesticated ostriches gain maturity at 2 to 3 years of age. Females are mature about 6 months earlier than males. Ostriches normally live for 30 to 70 years in captivity.

ostrich eggsostrich  legs1

–Despite the fact that ostriches are flightless birds, their wings are very strong. Ostriches make use  of their wings for aggressive display and courtship rituals. Males have contrasting bright black and white plumage. Females plumage is drab and grey. Their lead-blue  colour of skin usually becomes scarlet over the beak, on the forehead and around the eyes during the mating season. The normal body temperatures between is 39.4°C to 40°C.


Nutrition practices recommended by some self-professed experts often are sound nutritional principles. Nutrition related mortality problems in chicks juveniles include malnutrition or starvation, intestinal obstruction. It is absolutely essential that ostriches have clean, potable water availability. The  feedstuffs of ostrich must  provide adequate level of protein and essential amino acids and meet vitamin, energy and mineral requirements If ostriches are allowed to forage on grain or natural grasses , try to balance intake with the amount of commercial feed that is fed. Ostriches should not become overweight. Excess body weight in the form of fat is detrimental to production or breeders and to meat quality of birds that are to be slaughtered.


Market for ostriches is currently breeder market with value deter­mined as much by nostalgia as the value of products provided by the ostriches. In the long-term, if the ostrich industry is to thrive, the birds will have to generate sufficient revenue to cover their costs of production. The main products from ostrich are red meat which is lower in fat and cholesterol than turkey. Leather which is extremely durable with unique marketing. Decorative by-products namely, feathers and eggs.

ostrich meat

History of Emu


Native of emu


2. Life span


25-35 years
3. Egg weight (Average)


400-650 2-,m
4. Incubation period


48-52 days
  1. During laying period (October-March) they can lay 30-50 eggs per annum.
  2. Prominent characteristics of emu is rudimentary wings.
  3. Male have phallus.
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