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10 Best Egg Laying Chickens To Keep In Your Backyard

best egg laying chickens

Poultry birds have been domesticated for thousands of years now. These birds have existed since times when the process of selective breeding was first initiated by man. The physical and physiological traits that are used for classifying and categorizing chicken breeds are size, skin color, levels and amounts of feathering, the color of the egg and plumage color. In the …

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5 Latest Poultry Researches News 2013

The poultry industries all over the world have been subject to a wide range of advances in the past decades. These advances are not limited to the use of technology, but also involve some major advancement in the medicine and farming techniques. These frontiers also include the use of various diets and foods which are directed towards the betterment of …

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A Comprehensive Guide of China’s Poultry Industry

History and the Development of Poultry Industry in China All the industries in China including the Poultry industry are now on the stage of total economic boom. This tremendous development and boom can be contributed to a number of factors.  The development and expansion had started many years back. Based on the analysis and statistics of the china yearbook which …

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Chicken Egg Candling Guide

Candling chicken eggs is an important part of poultry production, especially when it comes to carrying out observations about the growth of egg overtime. There are a number of phases through which egg passes before getting into a complete shape. The procedure used to observe the development of the embryo that lies inside the egg, is mainly done through the …

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Deep Litter Method and Litter Management Guide

The nutrition value of poultry is best preserved through the proper and careful management of litter. Furthermore, it is also useful for preventing the surface and the surrounding areas from being contaminated. The importance of all types of litter management including chicken deep litter method, chicken coop deep litter method etc. is best understood in the farm house settings. So, …

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Over View of Different Stages of Egg Development

Keeping chicken in your backyard is an exciting experience. Some of you however, might be thinking of hatching, raising and incubating chicken eggs. This is quite a difficult task as there is a proper timing for everything; for the incubating, for the hatching and for the raising of the hatched eggs. So let us focus on the major stages of …

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Current picture of poultry farming in India 2012

The poultry farming sector of India has attained a lot of success over the past few decades as it has been among the most rapidly growing industries here. The growth and progress has been due the investment that has been poured in by the government and private sector. This exposition is to give you an idea about the various features …

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