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My name is Farhan Ahsan,I am web enthusiast, writer and blogger. I always strive to be passionate about my work. I started my work at the beginning of 2007 by engaging myself with detail reading and exchanging information with others. Since then things and times have changed, but one thing remains the same and that is my passion for helping and educating people, building a successful blog and delivering quality content to the readers. The particular interests that brought me in the world of blogging are gardening, wildlife, nature, farming and livestock.

A beginner guide for building a chicken coop

Masses in many countries are getting inclined towards the idea of backyard chicken coop. The idea of raising your own chicken can be used as a very interesting hobby and it also allows you to attain fresh eggs that these chickens produce. There are various aspects which you need to study about chicken coops to build the most suitable coop. …

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A Guide To Poultry Processing Plants -Top 5 Suppliers

Poultry processing makes use of a number of processing plants and equipment. The poultry dressing plants vary in their limits and types depending on the particular class of domesticated animals to be processed in them. The larger sized broiler processing plants process chickens and other related animals at a high rate of 10000 on an hourly basis, which goes to …

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Poultry by Product meal-Food for Pets

Poultry/Chicken by product meal is a highly protein component which is manly used in pets food.it has many components in it such as bones,undeveloped eggs and other poultry wastage. Poultry meal and poultry by product meal is mainly used in preparation of dog food in many western countries. Technique for Preparation of Hatchery Byproduct Meal The main aim during processing …

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Poultry Dictionary-Glossary Of Poultry Terms

Common Terms Used in Poultry Science Aves (Avian) Class of birds pertaining to all species of birds including domestic fowl. Axial Feather Also called as index feather. A short feather in the middle of wing., separating primary feathers from secondary ones. Auto-sexing Sex differentiation at day-old age on the basis of some visual characters such as colour of down (fluff), early …

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Poultry Layer Management,A Guide To Optimal Egg Production

MANAGEMENT OF LAYERS Maximum hen-housed egg production with fair egg size, feed efficiency and minimum mortality are the prime goals of layer farming. Beside good genetic make up of bird, management during laying plays an important role to achieve the above-mentioned targets in egg production. Following are the vital aspects of efficient layer management: Segregation and Transfer of Pullets Ready to …

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Feed industry the crisis just begun – China Clasp The envelopes – Poly Mailer Manufacturer

the feed industry in Guangdong Province makes satisfying accomplishments within the forefront of production still the provinces. But there’s lots of problems, because the South China Farming College, Connect Dean of 10,000 Junyi economic management pointed out within the forum, the present domestic farming Enterprise Proper Management and Business Vision dislocation is unknown, as feet watermelon rind , where operator …

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Poultry Housing – The Basic Requirements to Consider/plaNning to build poultry house

Poultry Housing – The Basic Requirements to Consider Chicken farming has become a profitable business lately and its good to try it out. One factor to consider before any other is poultry housing. Every poultry production system must provide the most important requirements. Good examples include the following: Safety from weather: Domestic birds must be shielded from the cold, rain, …

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